Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES – I was about to speak for Samsung for this awesome Curved 105-inch UHD TV. I rarely lend my name to any products, but this one is just stellar. I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost. Then the prompter went up and down – then I walked off. I guess live shows aren’t my thing.

But I’m doing a special curved screen experience with Samsung and Transformers 4 footage that will be traveling around the world.


  • Ryan Looney

    you suck!

  • dand

    maybe learn the script next time…or atleast research the products you are flogging off enough that you can wing it. Ps. Enough with the robots and do Bad Boys 3. Pain & Gain rocked by the way.

  • Sam

    Everyone has their days. Everyone is human. Looking forward to the footage.

  • Jesse Pitela

    All will be forgotten when the T4 super bowl spot drops!

  • Joey Cahill

    Everyone makes mistakes. Hang in there. I know I couldn’t do it if I had the chance.

  • A5J4DX

    That was something indeed…but hey it happens…

  • sagesoul

    No worries Michael. The best antidote for embarrassment is humility. Cheers!

  • Nate Bartlett

    I would have done the same thing. I hate speaking in public. I don’t know how people do it. Doesn’t change the fact that you are amazing at what you do. Just prepare for the storm of negative comments from the idiots. Even though they wouldn’t have to gall to get up and do it themselves, they love to criticize.

  • ZacCoffman

    What inspires you?

  • dand

    Guess public speaking Nor the truth is your thing. Deleting comments? Wow. Soft.

    • nelsonadmin

      Actually, trolling and insults are prohibited in this web site.

      • dand

        How is it trolling or insulting to say he should have prepared? This isnt hollywood. Public speaking isnt easy, but if you prepare you can wing it when “technical issues” happen. Im a big fan of Bays earlier films and Pain & Gain…so not here to insult.

        • nelsonadmin

          Some of the comments that were posted earlier had insults and/or trolling. Not saying yours were.

          • nattyroots

            Actually, that is exactly what you implied. Either own your statements or don’t make them.

  • Casey J Porter

    Hang in there my man. We all trip over ourselves sometimes. It takes all my willpower not to make a goof out of myself in front of certain cars.

  • igeekone

    Now that just sounds like Samsung wrote that.

  • Nullalpha

    Ah well, these things happen to us all man. You apologized and walked off I thought that was pretty smart, that happened to me once in high school. Looking forward to your next movie, your biggest fan, this is Stan.

  • Jeremy Snead

    Honestly I feel for Michael Bay on this one. How many awkward “fake conversations” on stage do we have to watch at E3, GDC, CES and every other industry convention where 2 people are “talking” to one another via a tele-prompted script. Bay didn’t like it because it was forced and weird and neither would any normal person. It would have been much better to just let Bay talk by himself and not some fake conversation with a Samsung Exec.

  • http://www.dccollectors.com/ John Wilbanks

    No worries. Happens to the best of us!

  • milibrat


  • http://www.philschwarzmann.com/ Phil Schwarzmann

    That presentation was awful. You did the right thing, Michael. Don’t be a whore to a garbage company like Samsung.

    • http://vocino.com Travis Vocino

      Uhm what? Mr. Bay was paid for this endorsement and I imagine there was quite a lot of pressure to post something about it considering they clearly did not get their money’s worth for the live appearance component of the deal.

      • http://www.philschwarzmann.com/ Phil Schwarzmann

        Michael Bay is both highly respected and a millionaire. He doesn’t need this from Samsung. He clearly didn’t prep and realized “Hey, I’m MICHAEL FUCKING BAY, I don’t need this shit.”

      • AlluringParadox

        Lol they clearly got a lot more media coverage BECAUSE of his little scerwup.
        & just because he posted this, doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean it ;)

  • Stuart Wurtman

    I feel for you. I admire anyone who can get up on stage and speak like that. I envy those who pull it off but, but sometimes things just don’t come together.

  • Dan1634

    No problem, Michael! These things can happen when doing a live show! Keep making awesome movies!

  • An Observation

    But why does he need a teleprompter to answer the simple question about what inspires him?

    • ZacCoffman

      FINALLY someone else gets it, or explain how people would enjoy his movies.

    • warex3d

      because there was no explosion

    • Michael Freeman

      I don’t know about Michael Bay, but honestly, I would have reacted the same exact way in that situation, no matter how comfortable I was with the subject matter I was being asked about. It’s about suddenly being thrown into an unexpected and uncomfortable panic situation. For some of us, myself included, it’s an impossible thing to gracefully and effectively recover from, no matter how much we know about the subject. I’ve walked out of presenations before as well. I would venture a guess that Michael Bay is an introvert, like about 1/3 of the population, who can play the extrovert role when needed, with enough preparation, self-confidence, expertise in his field. For us introverts, this is a very common and natural reaction to this type of situation.

      • An Observation

        I am against anyone giving him a hard time about it I just didn’t understand what may have caused that sort of reaction. Thanks for the insight.

      • Shayne Cole

        Extremely well said. Thanks for sharing it for those, particularly for those who prefer to make asinine comments in lieu of realizing they don’t understand the full spectrum of human responses.

  • http://ojtwisted.com/ Omar Jalalzada

    Shit happens, good job on owning up to it.



  • http://www.ultrabooknews.com chippy

    It wasn’t that bad. I saw it happen. Yeah you could have done a ‘reset’ (everyone in the audience knows there’s a telepromter) but sometimes, especially if you get angry at tech sometimes, it’s best to walk away!

  • skeets11

    One of the most unprofessional acts I have ever seen on a stage. I doubt you would accept such behavior from one of your actors.

  • Travision

    For what it’s worth – it’s actually comforting to know that anyone can have trouble at times with public speaking. Congrats – you’re human.



  • Felix Khaykin

    It honestly wasn’t as bad as I was expecting after reading the headlines. Don’t worry too much about it. There’s no way I’d even be able to walk on that stage let alone say anything. You did way better than I ever could.

  • stebna .

    I know the feeling well Michael, it probably would have been better if you wrote the material yourself. I cannot for the life of me read something from someone else, have the same emotional energy i get from just talking and answering questions. Write something up and really tell us what that TV does for you, looking forward to what you have to say.

  • Sean Clark

    I know this may not necessarily make you feel any better, but you just got more publicity for Samsung than they could have ever hoped for. I didn’t even know about this TV before I heard about this.

    Keep your head up. You tried your best and sometimes nerves interfere with that. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

  • ahnberg

    I wouldn’t have dared to get up on that stage infront of everyone in the first place, don’t sweat it man! :) We all mess up and just have a bad day sometimes, it only shows you’re human. Next time will go better for sure. Keep making awesome movies!

  • Notafanboysir

    So you were too lazy to actually prepare yourself and inform yourself about the product you are trying to co sell us. Shame on you.

  • Josh Nizzi

    It happens… I know I’ve done worse. Can’t wait for the first tf4 trailer.

    • Sam

      Wait. This is the real Josh Nizzi!?

      • Josh Nizzi

        Is this the real Sam?!

        • Sam

          Concept artist? Love your work.

          • Josh Nizzi

            Thanks Dude.

          • tim robinson

            Awww love you guys

            (Chest thump) right here, man right here

  • Booma

    Not to the same scale but I’ve gotten flustered and walked off mid-presentation too. I feel you, friend. You’ll be fine. Walk it off. ;)

  • Rob Broadbent

    Mr. Bay, I think you just got more coverage for Samsung for this awesome Curved 105-inch UHD TV than you ever intended, or was this stunt planned?

    • Rob Broadbent

      BTW can you tell us why we should be excited about curved screens?

  • Shayne Cole

    You handled it with class. Those who say doing something like this is easy haven’t ever done it. Hang in there. You made a new fan out of me by dealing with it like you have here. Take care.

    • yup

      not sure who said it was easy, but if any effort at all is put into preparation he would have been fine. if you had any idea what you were talking about you’d realize this…

      • Notafanboysir


        • Shayne Cole

          It happens. We all screw up. Dealing with the consequences is how character is measured.

          • Notafanboysir

            Nope. He ran like a baby. Very unprofessional.

          • Shayne Cole

            Nope. He excused himself and left rather than making the situation worse, which he knew he would’ve done had he tried to rescue it further.

      • Shayne Cole

        I’ve done about 50 of them and I’ve been busy and human enough to have had one of them not go too well. It happens and your inability to admit that you’ve failed to prepare for at least one thing in your life and in the end failed as a result isn’t lost on anyone.

  • Paul

    Are you for real Im an actor and I can speak in live audiences but you are a director you are BOTH I mean woooow

  • Dave Spruce

    Chin up mate, live shows aren’t everybody’s thing and the fact you openly admitted it here speaks your integrity I think.

  • Kevin Otterness

    You’re all good Michael! I got to work with you this past summer here in Chicago on TF4…Hope to do it again! Looking forward to the teaser!

  • Graison Swaan

    Rough one dude, you’ll get’em next time

  • padresj

    Good on you Mr. Bay. — The only way through it to own it.


  • http://www.ohwowgeek.com/ Cariad Eccleston

    It was a tough situation, and don’t beat yourself up for it. Have fun with the Samsung/Transformers 4 tour!

  • damacus

    “…. Are you on drugs?” (Sam Witwicky, Transformers 1) :-)

    • http://thomasboxley.com/ Thomas Boxley

      debian nice

  • Greg Fultz

    What’s the difference between a Marionette and Michael Bay? There is no
    difference cuz neither can talk without a hand up their ass #CES2014

  • An Observation

    Im looking at these comments, “Hang in there” “You handled it with class” “It was a tough situation” What am I missing? He should NOT be bashed, because indeed everyone gets nervous but the questions where simply “What inspires you and how do you come up with your ideas?” WHY DOES HE NEED A TELEPROMPTER TO ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS?????

    • Notafanboysir

      If you cant swim dont go in the water. If You got stage fright dont get in front of large crowd. Simple as that.

      • Shayne Cole

        You don’t just know when and how you’re going to get stage fright. You’re completely clueless as to how stage fright occurs.

      • An Observation

        Not that simple. Perhaps he knows he suffers from stage fright but really believes in this product and wanted to support it but panic set in when things went wrong. I just did not understand why he was unable to answer the questions that pertained to himself and not the product. But after reading someone else’s comment it help me to see that perhaps his “panic” was paralyzing in a sense and he could not move on. So he he chose to excuse himself.

        • Tony

          I think that’s probably what happened as well. At that point it was too late for him to even concentrate on the impromptu personal questions.

          If they didn’t get a chance to rehearse and Samsung just told him to read off the prompter when he got up there, I could totally understand how frightening it would be if things went out of sync right away.

    • joespivey

      Because he’s promoting a product. What if he accidentally said “Samsung are shit”?

    • fede4488

      because he’s a filmaker without any imagination. He only needs explosions

  • Benjamin Denes Hoyt

    Not your finest moment, Mr. Bay, but not a big deal. Will definitely be good for a laugh when you look back on it. Hang in there.

  • Jordan Schmidt

    dude, sit back in your amazing house and don’t worry and keep making bad ass movies. You’re the man.

  • Jason H

    That was painful to watch. I’m guessing you had little to no prep so was just going to wing it with the prompter like most people do. They probably had a specific line for you to say to segue into the product description which is why the other presenter froze. We all know you could talk for hours about your career and what your job entails. Still a fan, sorry that happened to you.

  • Tonya Hall Barzhini

    Michael ~ Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once told me that his biggest fear is public speaking. I have had a radio show for over 4 years. It gets to me too. ~ Nice job owning it on your blog! @TonyaHallRadio

    • Notafanboysir

      If you cant swim dont go in the water. If you cant stand the heat, dont go in the kitchen. Glad he is not someones buddy in the army.

      • Shayne Cole

        Seriously dude, why are you spending the entire evening trolling anyone who has anything positive to say? Appears you need a buddy of your own.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    It was funny but understandable so no need to feel bad

    • simmy5

      What is funny about someone embarrassing themselves and feeling mortified about it? At least he was man enough to admit it. Don’t laugh at someone’s pain- that will come back to you and it won’t be funny then either.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        when you see someone falling it is funny even if for him it hurts

        • simmy5

          Perhaps when YOU see someone fall or fail, you find humor in that, You’re a sad,warped individual.who obviously has been hurt to the point of irretrievable pain. I send you off with light and love. .

  • http://www.wehelpyourock.com/ Mike Walsh

    It happens. Don’t let it bum you out – seriously.


  • Penesote


  • Gg

    Presentations canbe tough for anyone, hope you don’t beat yourself up about it :-)

  • sdr984

    My advice, own it! Do the EXACT same thing next year. Do the same thing at the Oscars, it would be hilarious. This was the best press Samsung could have asked for.

    • AlluringParadox

      Haha yes, it could be called – Doing a Michael Bay or something ;)

  • Stephanie

    You handled that extremely well. Good for you. There’s nothing wrong in leaving if it feels too much for any reason. Well done.

    • Kingsley Baconhausen

      He looked like a spoiled prima donna on the verge of throwing a tantrum. I wouldn’t call that “extremely well”.

      • Stephanie

        There are other reasons someone could have for leaving during public speaking. They shouldn’t be chastised for it. From what I saw I don’t think he could have handled it any better (could be completely wrong in this case). I probably wouldn’t have even apologised before leaving tbh.

        • Kingsley Baconhausen

          Doesn’t matter, knew it would be deleted anyways. Thats what weak people do…walk offstage when things don’t go their way and delete comments they don’t agree with, as if deleting the comment removes the negative opinion.

          Bay is a hack, but he makes the right people money so he gets to keep entertaining the lowest common denominator.

          • Stephanie

            I’m not knowledgeable enough on his films to give my opinion there. He obviously must have some talent to be successful but I can’t argue because I haven’t followed it. What I can write is that it’s not weakness to have this type of reaction. No one chooses to. There are many people who could have anxiety and so on who do not deserve to be looked down upon by people fortunate enough not to. With all due respect unless you’ve had that experience you can’t understand the strength it takes to overcome it.

          • Alf

            You’re so cool. If only I could be as evolved as you some day. Chode.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Dream big holmes.

          • Frank Storm

            There is absolutely no good reason to go out of your way to try to hurt somebody. Just because Bay is famous doesn’t mean he isn’t human. He’s a person, just like you. Ask yourself why you feel it necessary to attack a person and try to hurt them. You wouldn’t want somebody doing that to you.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Actually, some of the biggest, most important lessons I’ve learned in life came from other people sitting me down and telling me straight up what an a-hole I was being. We can’t always identify our own problems, so its in our own best interest to listen up and take the criticisms that we are given.

            And honestly, you think anything I say affects Bay? A guy doesn’t become what Michael Bay is by being sensitive and open to criticism. He could give a flying f–k what anyone says, why do think his movies are universally reviled?

            Finally, your words were neither sincere nor advice. More like haughty and judgemental. Talk about offensive.

          • Frank Storm

            Nope. They were sincere. I would know better than you would what my intentions were. All the best.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            How sincere can you be when you’re making assumptions about my spirituality and private life? Smoking pot is easy, just look at my disqus history, but how do you know what my thoughts on religion are? How do you know how I treat people, based on a few comments on a site owned by someone I can’t stand?

            Do you have any idea how offensive you sounded, calling me out for being offensive?

            (If you think I’m taking you, or any of this, seriously you are vastly mistaken.)

          • Frank Storm

            I know how you treat people because I looked at the comments you’ve made in the past in your history. You do this kind of thing all the time. And no, it is not offensive to try to help somebody out by giving them advice that you think will help them. If you disagree with my advice on spirituality or kindness, that’s fine. But there is nothing offensive about it.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            So you have based your opinion of me off of internet comments…I cant tell if thats more insulting to me or you. I suppose it says something that you actually took the time to read my previous comments, I certainly wouldn’t waste time reading yours.

            I imagine you see me as insulting and rude, just as I see you as a nancy-boy-apologist-hypocrite-bible-thumper. Shrug.

            “And no, it is not offensive to try to help somebody out by giving them advice that you think will help them.”

            You just repeated what I said in different words. Strange that you disagreed when I first said them.

            I am absolutely offended when people try to convert me. I have the utmost respect for Jews because they never try to convert. They realize that not everyone is cut out to be G-ds chosen ones, and only convert those who want to convert. It shows a lot of respect that other religions seems to be lacking.

            There! Now we are hopelessly off-topic.

          • Frank Storm

            I don’t know what possesses you to continually insult people and call them nasty names but my point in starting this conversation was to let you know that you might be hurting someone by doing it in case you hadn’t realized that your actions might be causing someone pain. I pointed that out and your response was to then personally attack me. We all live our lives the way we choose, guided by our principles. The principles you attack in me, particularly religion, guide me to try, though often fail, to love other people to the best of my ability. Sometimes I suck bad at it. But I’ll keep trying. It was in this vein that I wanted to share with you information that makes my life richer, fuller and more meaningful. You say they’re offensive. Okay. You say I wasn’t sincere. Okay. I was. And I am. My initial post was an attempt to point out that someone could be hurt by what you were saying. I have made that clear by this point. If you continue to write mean and insulting comments it isn’t because you don’t know that they could cause harm because that’s been made abundantly clear. But if you don’t care whether or not you hurt someone, or you purposely try to hurt someone, what does that say about how you go about things? Is that preachy? Maybe. But it’s a similar approach to the one you mentioned as being helpful to you (when your friends have told you that you’re “an a-hole” and those moments have been helpful). I go about it from a different perspective–a theocentric perspective founded on the Judeo-Christian principles of loving others and loving God. You apparently find this approach offensive but you don’t find being called an a-hole offensive. If that works for you, then it works for you. For most people being called an a-hole doesn’t help. It hurts. My purpose was to try to give constructive, helpful advice. When people try to give me advice, sometimes I feel like I don’t need their help or I don’t think their advice is good advice and I choose not to follow it. Or sometimes I feel the way people go about giving me advice is condescending or inappropriate. That chance is always there when someone sticks their neck out and tries to help another person out. But in any of these cases, I am always grateful that someone cared enough about me to try to help, even if I thought they were wrong. That’s what was happening here, whether you choose to believe it or not. I wish all the best to you–happiness, love and a rich and full life. Sincerely, Frank

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            “anon >>> Robert Clark

            2 hours ago

            shut up.”

            What he said.

          • Frank Storm

            I would also like to say that if you believe that it is a good thing for people to tell you what an “A-hole” you are being, let me say, with every intention of helping you, that you are being an a-hole.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Way to miss the entire point. Also, congrats on never acting like an ass, you’ve somehow managed to do what no other human in the history of existence has achieved, perfection. That must be really helpful when your passing judgement in comments sections.

          • Frank Storm

            Sure we all make mistakes. What you’re doing is spending your night repeatedly making mean (and judgmental as a matter of fact) comments over and over on the guy’s site. It’s weird.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Well youre right here with me bruh. Wanna be the pot or the kettle?

            I’m just bored waiting for a show to start, so why not make a mess of this stupid site’s comments section. Whats your excuse?

          • Frank Storm

            You were bored so you decided to attack somebody publicly on their website? Do you have any idea how sick that is?

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Hecka sick bruh, thats how I roll.

          • MaryRachelK

            Because it’s fun? Because some of the rumors maybe true? Because he brought us Megan Fox who in turn revived the career of David Silver – nah because he committed the ultimate sin – he made 3 movies with Shia LaBeouf. That dirty indy Lars Von Trier created with a naked and allegedly erect Shia would not have happened without Michael Bay. I get that he is trying to redeem himself by hiring Marky Mark but its too little too late.

          • Frank Storm

            Kingsley, my sincere advice is to stop smoking all that weed, work on your own success, treat people with love and respect, pray and find God. The pain and emptiness that you feel every day will dissipate and you will end up living a life of fulfillment. I wouldn’t normally post something like this publicly but there isn’t an option for PM. I sincerely wish you all the best in life.

    • Trip Affleck

      “extremely well”? god, you’re such a sycophant.

  • http://www.luxurybranded.com/ Ryan Clark

    I want to run off just about every time I have to do public speaking…better luck next time :)

  • Kevin

    Don’t worry about it… you gave Samsung exactly the buzz and publicity they were looking for. Great job!

  • Jeff Ledger

    The product and company have receive much more attention than if things had gone as planned. End result. it worked. Have a drink and shake it off.



  • djakdekiel

    Don’t worry, you’re great :)

    • Ash

      Uhh clearly this is anything but great. A director with absolutely ZERO artistic integrity.

  • http://bytestemplar.com/ Fortyseven

    It happens. No worries. :)

    • Chris Lau

      That’s what she said! :)

    • Ash

      This isn’t about WHAT HAPPENS. This is a DIRECTOR with clearly ZERO artistic integrity. YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN WHY YOU ENJOY BEING A DIRECTOR?!

      Fuck you, cock sucker.

  • Chris Lau

    I’ve been there. I had a flashback of that moment happening once before, actually. I’m guessing (forgive me if wrong) that being a Film Director is like being a composer, a writer, a person behind the scenes. So by being literally on stage, on the spot light, but with technical glitches, that’s quite overwhelming. You’re actually surprised it’s happening to you, too. Lessons learned? Have a backup plan. An exit. In this case the glitch was the system. A good backup would have been written cue cards. That’d have been funny.

    • Kingsley Baconhausen

      A backup plan in this instance would be to have a personality and the smallest shred of creativity. All he had to do was talk about a TV, jeez.

  • Avatar1209

    For the first time ever, the absence of a script proves to be an actual issue for Michael Bay.

    • fede4488

      Michael Bay involved in something without a script is better than a scripted Michael Bay movie

  • Nope

    You couldn’t answer a few basic questions about what you do for a living? How fucking pathetic is that?



    • Tony

      I believe it’s more about the “stage fright” that got to him, not about his ability to answer those questions. One understandable mistake led to another and the situation just snowballed. Not everyone is great at handling these type of public speaking mishaps. Take it easy man…

      • transpar3nt

        Agreed, if he was asked the exact same questions in a more private setting (or even on stage but when things were going smoothly) it would have turned out different. One bad thing led to another and at some point almost anyone would freeze up in that situation, especially someone who doesn’t do a lot of appearances like this, which he already said that he doesn’t.

        He needs practice and Samsung reps need to be better prepared for issues (both in how they handle it, and how they coach the talent to handle it).

    • Frank Storm

      Dude’s a human being. What’s pathetic is someone who goes out of their way to try to hurt somebody for absolutely no reason. Why would you even do that?

    • Alf

      What’s pathetic is your apparent need to break people down. Find something productive to do with your life — like earning millions like Mr Bay. He’s laughing at you right now from his 10k sqft house and life full of models. Chode.

      • fede4488

        Pathetic is defending people using their wealth as argument

    • aftoy

      Duh, the questions were about a Samsung TV. Nope is a pathetic dope looking for 2 seconds of fame.

  • Jonathan Keith

    It happens!

    Good luck.

    • Ash

      Shut the fuck up. You fucking cock sucker of hollywood bullshit.



  • Jay Man

    Michael, it happens to everyone – famous or not. Don’t worry about it and keep doing what you’re doing. You’re a great guy and the only way to forget about this is to get on stage again and overcome it. Lots of people have been in this situation before when they public speak and it will make you feel a lot better after!

  • Nick Econopouly

    It’s all good man happens to everybody

  • Taradacktyl

    I’m a comedian so I understand stage fright. Stay out of your head, man! Good for you for talking about it, but you MUST get back in front an audience soon so this incident doesn’t balloon in your head! Don’t listen to jerks on this thread posting negative comments. Most people understand. Those who don’t are a-holes anyway, so who gives a shite what they say? Make a joke out of it, and move on… and get back out there!



  • Rayshawn Archer

    when will this be happening Michael.

  • Rayshawn Archer

    when i need to know

  • Jeff Strauss

    Time for some improv classes

  • eilfurz

    shit happens – this only makes you look human.

  • http://blog.digidave.org/ digidave

    I’ve seen worse……

  • symbolset

    It’s no big deal.

  • Alex Fakenam

    its ok bro, you took it like a champ. Maybe next time! You could always take little que cards out with ya and show people you got this under wraps! Keep up the solid work!

  • Benjamin Mill

    There is nothing worse than losing control no matter what the situation, personal or professional. For Mr Bay this major tech. glitch took this very talented man to a primal fight or flight response from where very quickly in his brain without conscious consideration for himself or his commitment to Samsung told him to get out of there. Post event he has acknowledged his embarrassment. It happens to the best of us Mr Bay and your brain as you have proven so many times with your outstanding movies can be both magical and mystifying and on the flip side a pain in the ass. Most people feel your pain right now so bounce back, it was a life experience, aren’t they terribly wonderful !!!





  • Hans

    No big deal at all. It’s shows you’re human and not a robot.



  • webkitstudio

    oh well! at least people know about the new UHD from samsung!

    • Thomas Leo

      lol. seriously. This probably gave samsung more publicity than they would have gotten.

  • Jim Wolfson

    Mikey, you’re just not that bright and don’t have a vigorous, agile mind that can operate under unscripted conditions. No wonder you’re a leftie producing noisy stuff for
    12-year-olds with short attention spans. Fine; stick to that.

    This, if anything, is conclusive proof that Hollywood balloonheads should NEVER presume to tell the normal people how to think, how to live and who to vote for.

  • kriter

    We’ve all been there at one time or another… Keep your chin up Michael :)

  • justfortango

    Don’t worry, you’re great.

  • Alf

    No big deal. They screwed up the prompter and then dumped all that pressure on you! Happens to everyone.

  • Frank Storm

    This doesn’t change how awesome you are one tiny bit, Michael. Most people can only dream of accomplishing what you have achieved. You’re a great inspiration in my life.

  • Lisa Matheson

    Our bodies have a sneaky way of reminding us all that we’re merely human. Laugh it off. It’ll be a great cocktail party story. Head high. Shoulders back. Onward and upward.

    • nononorton

      I have sudden and tremendous back pains when talking in public. At a point that I can’t concentrate anymore. Merely human indeed.

  • http://aqfl.net/ Ant


  • http://www.feoamante.com/ E.C. McMullen Jr.

    Hey, but that’s why you’re a director and not an actor, right? :)
    ‘Tis but a scratch’, dude. There’ll be someone or something else viraling by Friday. Hell, probably by Wednesday!
    ‘Nothing to get hung about!’

  • David

    Sometimes our best option for a given situation is to simply walk away. I doubt this incident will keep you from doing great things in the future.

  • Todd

    Judging by your performance at CES, I am guessing that your publicist must have written this on your behalf.

  • Buster Blakeney

    Eh, all good. People calling this a “meltdown” are kind of overstating things a bit. Personally, it was kinda nice to see a director at the top of his game getting regular human jitters.

    But I wouldn’t exactly say you don’t lend your name to any products… We’ve all seen The Island.
    And Transformers.
    And Transformers 2.
    And Transformers DOTM.
    And Bad Boys 2.

    • MaryRachelK

      Hey! I liked the Island.

  • Formul

    It was awkward and cringeworthy but nothing especially bad.

  • Spencer Evans

    No sweat. It will be something just to laugh off before you know it. There’s a lot of pressure going in front of huge audiences. Occasionally embarrassing things like this happen. I’ve had my share of embarrassing things I’ve said or done on a smaller scale. Now at least they make fun stories to tell at parties eh? :)

  • Alexander

    Don’t worry man. We all are human beings. We all can fail.

  • Jennifer Mawhinney

    They say, “No such thing as bad publicity.” :)

  • David Alpert

    You’re human. Things like that happen. Don’t sweat it. The TV looks really nice BTW.

  • Art Green

    This gives me solace knowing that I don’t need to be able to bullshit my way through a pitch in order to be successful or prove my convictions and beliefs.

    So good to see one of the most brilliant creatives dealing with the same issue I have.

    Carry on carrying on, please.

  • Mike

    You love it so much you need a teleprompter to talk about it

    • Lerkero

      He loved it as much as the check from Samsung he deposited

      • MaryRachelK

        Why else would anyone sing the praises of a piece of tech that will be dated in 5 years? The question is: will he have to return the check.

        • Lerkero

          I think this blot post is meant as a gesture to make up for the failed endorsement during the CES presentation. Samsung somewhat gets praised and Bay keeps the check.

          Too bad Bay allowed comments.

          (Not mad at Bay, just the obliviousness of corporate endorsements)

          • RachelKati

            The comments are usually the best part of a post. I do have one positive thing to say about Mr. Bay. He has the gut to endorse things here in the good ol’ US of A unlike those who are equally concerned with their image and their wallets. Do Brad Pitt and George Clooney need the money they make from doing Japanese commercials? No.

        • Ben C

          What has the product’s longevity got to do with it? If it’s outstanding now, it is outstanding.

  • victorbalta

    Don’t sweat it, I have had that same situation happen to me before giving presentations. Something unexpected happens and your hearts starts beating like its going to go out of your chest. I find the best thing to do is to slow down and take each statement slowly, once the initial shock passes you will recover.
    I also agree that the best thing to do is to get back out there and make light of the situation it happens to everyone.

  • Prentice Mathew Porter

    People will forget this in 24 hours, believe me.

    • Kingsley Baconhausen

      C’mon dude…a guy thats gets constant criticism for having horrible scripts fails a presentation because he loses the script??? Thats gold right there.

      This will become the new anecdote people tell to describe Bay’s utter lack of talent.

      • Tomaxopolis

        I’m sure you’re just swelling with talent. That’s why you’re here burning calories, slamming someone you don’t even know. This guy has accomplished so much more than you could ever could dream of.

        • Kingsley Baconhausen

          I’m just bored and think this is really funny. I’ve honestly never seen anyone defend Michael Bay, its trippy.

          He just makes movies dude, get some perspective.

          • RX178

            Shitty movies.

          • MaryRachelK

            That’s because this time he’s relatable/defendable. Most of us hopefully don’t have an ego the size of Russia but all of us f*ck up in public.

        • RX178

          So do folks like you standing up for the Bay’ster see Michael Bay’s hemorrhoids from all that brown nosing?

      • Frank Storm

        Annnnddd you’re still going. Seek help.

  • http://www.benjaminchirlin.com/ Ben

    Just watched the clip and it’s completely understandable, so many flashes and the prompter breaking! I’d say you actually managed it quite gracefully all things considered.

  • Maryam

    Don’t worry at all. I think this just brings you more recognition and I doubt anyone is judging you negatively bc speaking in front of a large crowd is very unnatural and can be terrifying. Cheers!

  • Guest

    Not all people feel comfortable on the stage.

    You can be a talented person, invest everything, all your time in your work, but on the stage you may feel uncomfortable.

    So nothing pathetic or horrible here. It happens

  • aftoy

    Not the end of the world. A shrug of the shoulders and move on.

  • Thomas Leo

    I wouldn’t worry about it. As they say, *^#% happens. Mostly everyone would would act the same due to a technical problem. There are more serious things in the world to worry about anyway.

  • Michael Emery

    Mike, if you’re still in Vegas, find a crappy bar (so many to choose from) and go hard out. If I was there with you I’d be buying. You’re alright [man-hug].

  • Car Ma

    No big deal Michael.

  • RH

    Once again proving that people in Hollywood cannot think for themselves, without a script LOL.

    • http://sandynet.tumblr.com/ Sandy.NET

      Or that even famous people can get stage fright and have a fear of public speaking.

  • John A Guthrie

    You can’t even talk about yourself without a script? Look me up on IMDB. I’ll show you how to think for yourself.

    • Doctor Biobrain

      Yeah, because I’m sure all the impromptu sales presentations you’ve given in front of large crowds went extremely well, particularly when you were completely unprepared because you were supposed to have a working teleprompter. Right.

      Talking and talking in front of a large group are entirely different things. Only a fool could imagine Bay has had the success he’s had without the ability to talk. It’s obvious he just got flustered. Frankly, I like seeing this sort of thing, as it’s a reminder that we’re all human and can go blank when things go wrong.

      • Marc Hauser

        Do you really think this kike would have given an actor in a try out the same level of understanding that you have given him? You’re a fucking joke.

  • Lino Angel Molero

    Don’t worry man, you’re only a Human

  • unknown

    There’s that University Edjamacation, lol.

  • ThatGuy

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but Public Speaking is NOT an off-the-cuff skill. Let’s see you all get up on a stage in front of THOUSANDS of people, expecting a guided speech prompt go blank, leaving you unprepared with nothing to say. I’d like to see how many of you would be able to wing it through that immense amount of pressure. The dude’s only human.

    Don’t sweat it Michael Bay. Shit happens. You handled it well enough.

  • Jack Ace

    Hey we are all human right? One day it will be one of those things you can laugh about. Just one of those life moments that you never see coming. S%*t happens. Not the worst thing that can happen. Keep doing your thing man. – ACCD Alum

  • hardsilver

    They’re probably getting more publicity off this small goof than they would have off of a perfect performance. No press is bad press, that was MINIMAL on the embarrassment scale. I say, no worries and move on.

  • Ben

    Every single Production Assistant you were ever a monumental a**hole to just high fived one another watching you fail. Personally, I understand public speaking sucks, but when you treat people like you do people are just waiting for you to slip – and you slipped mightily today dipshit. Thanks for being you!

    • Doctor Biobrain

      Really? It wasn’t that big a deal. Just a minor flub, not a mighty slip.

      • Ben

        He was paid to endorse a product on a national stage and he’s also paid to direct actors for a living. I’ve met Michael on numerous occasions and i’ve rarely met someone with a bigger or more healthy ego about his abilities. I’ve also been on a stage and had the teleprompter go south on me and you know what, you smile and laugh it off and play off the other guy. Every person who has ever worked with Michael Bay had a great time watching this, trust me. The dude is well known for just being a man-child.

        • NIGGY LAUNCHER 5000

          Kind of sad you get such enjoyment out of someones failure. Seems kind of pathetic. Also, I really don’t think this is hurting sony, they are getting waaaay more publicity as a result of his blunder.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Your name is “NIGGY LAUNCHER 5000″, and your profile icon is a troll pic of Gabe N. You obviously suck.

            Hell, you probably ARE Michael Bay.

          • NIGGY LAUNCHER 5000

            “You obviously suck”. 10/10 insult. Bravo.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            The insult was comparing you to Bay, sucking is just what you do.

          • NIGGY LAUNCHER 5000

            Being compared to a multi-millionaire, who has more money than you and your entire lineage is an insult?

  • Pat Benn

    You’re still OK by me.

  • Mein Schwartzen Fuhrer

    Don’t worry. Nobody was bothered by you walking off stage. They were more bothered by you prolifically putting out mediocre sh** movies every year that contribute to global retardation.

    • jhonca

      And it looks like you are one of those people who was affected by that retardation, seeing as you believe that his movies have that much influence on the world.

    • James Goldner


    • Harjifangki

      Whoa. SO BRAVE! SO EDGY!

      • Guest

        -Comment directed by Michael Bay

  • Pizzicato Five Fan

    Did you give Samsung’s money back?

    • alanb

      If anything, Samsung should give him more money. After all, their TV has gotten much more coverage than it would have otherwise. If this was staged, it was a brilliant marketing ploy, if not, it was still a marketing success.

      • Pizzicato Five Fan

        Yeah, gotta say I agree with that. Hadn’t thought about it at first.

  • paulsnedden

    I thought it was just actors who couldn’t speak in public without a script….?

  • Perspective

    Sorry Michael, but your movies are too noisy and full of Sh*t !! And too restless !

  • failbay

    HAHAH michael – FAIL

    • AlluringParadox

      So you’re a perfect human beeing who never ever failed once in his life?

  • hii

    just dont commit suicide

  • http://dwaynesamuels.com/ Dwayne Samuels

    Why are most of these comments so rash? We all make mistakes, just accept and move along. Michael did the right thing, he didn’t want to say BS so he apologised walked off.

  • slim thename

    big deal ? you got stage fright

    no big deal stick to behind the camera.

    samdung really… stick to apple next time.

    • Reality

      Apple? Jesus christ you fucking plebeian.

    • Aaron A. Adkins

      Samsung has outstanding displays and technology pushing ambition, whereas Apple is constantly stagnating. So, no.

      • MaryRachelK

        Samsung just makes displays. Without Android a Samsung Galaxy is just a small display. Apple makes beautiful displays and puts a proprietary OS on them which works seamlessly. They are not the same thing. If you want to compare Apples to Apples vs. Apples to Oranges, compare Samsung to LG.

        Yes the bad pun was intended and I like both Samsung and LG products but it’s a bad comparison.

    • http://sandynet.tumblr.com/ Sandy.NET

      I’m guessing you are unaware that Apple uses Samsung screens in ALL of their products.

  • JG8

    No biggie

  • sdd

    I call BS. Your pr people wrote that statement.

  • Keir Heath

    Why use Disqus instead of a commenting system where you can either screen the comments beforehand or expect a level of discourse that is intelligent and respectful? Most of these comments come from people who just came to effortlessly knock you regardless of what you have to share.

    • MaryRachelK

      But we can fight anonymously on Disqus. It’s a troll’s dream.

  • Hacker For Hire

    Michael, don’t feel bad. You’ve generated more publicity for Samsung then they could have ever asked for. Everyone now knows about Samsung’s curved 105″ UHDTV.

    • Gumpchun

      You know, you’re right. If Mr Bey had given a mind-blowing talk, a few thousand people would be mildly interested. Now hundreds of thousands are asking what the hell this new TV is all about and why was he so hyper about it? Mission Accomplished. Samsung should be thrilled. What did Oscar Wilde say?

  • David Shafir

    You said only one sentence but what a beautiful sentence: “My job as a director is I get to dream for a living.” It’s worth all the speech…

    • MaryRachelK

      But who wrote that? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

      • Kingsley Baconhausen

        Straight up. He sounded like he wasn’t even comfortable saying it, what a BS line…unless his dreams are full of slo-mo, bad jokes, make no sense and have plot holes big enough to drive Optimus Prime though.

        • MaryRachelK

          Kingsley, below I said to you that I am (for once) defending him because he was defendable one human being to another but in a more classic Bay experience – did you ever see the interview he and James Cameron did about 3D? Cameron who I used to love but is much worse than Bay now in his dotage (titanic, avatar, oy!) said normal things like he gets ideas for some of his action sequences while blasting loud music while driving down PCH. Bay replied that he got his best ideas while doing crunches. You just had to laugh. Who does that???

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Oh yeah, I remember that one. I recall thinking it was like putting David Bowie in a room with Justin Bieber to talk about music.

          • MaryRachelK

            Hating on Michael Bay is a hobby or perhaps a sport in this town. I try not to hate on him. TRY. Instead I like to point out what he is. A music video director who got lucky. He’s trained to shoot in non-sensical, non-linear sprints which he cobbles together in the editing room. Likely while listening to bad Aerosmith or Van Hagar. His mantra is “Shoot for the Edit” is it not? I have no reason to hate on him, he is what he is: a brilliant and talented architect of complex action scenes. Alas, there is no enough money left over to hire good actors and a director.

          • Kingsley Baconhausen

            Sheeeit, I dont hate the guy, I don’t even know him. I just think he makes shit movies and is kind of a douche, no biggie.

            I don’t get why people take this stuff so seriously…Frank Storm is trying to save my soul…or the world or whatever. Sheesh.

          • MaryRachelK

            Hating – the verb – doesn’t mean you hate a specific person, it means you get enjoyment from this person making a fool of his or herself and you post about it. My biggest hater moment was when Kirstie Alley was on DWTS saying she was a size 6. Then I’m a -2? Its not about genuine hate its more about something about the person bothering you or perhaps in the case of myself and Michael Bay something about the person you find amusing. This also applies to me and Tarantino. He’s usually pretty good but his persona is a freaking riot.

            Who is Frank Storm? Am I missing a good discussion further down the threads?

  • Hugh Jaynis

    I could’ve done a better presentation than you, especially if I made your money. Fuck the new Transformers movies, they’re like watching a drumset fall down a flight of stairs.

  • Negroponte

    humanity reaches interstellar space and no one gives a sh!t, Michael Bay walks out of a stage and everyone loses their minds!!

  • beezdotcom

    At least you didn’t come up with some BS excuse. Okay, you flubbed it, live shows aren’t your thing – NBD. It’s refreshing to see an actual human once in a while.

    • Kingsley Baconhausen

      “I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line
      and then the teleprompter got lost.”

      He screwed the opening up and couldn’t recover.

      “Then the prompter went up and down –
      then I walked off.”

      Instead of laughing it off and continuing, he walked offstage like a big baby.

      Those are some pretty BS excuses to me. The guy’s a director, so he’s likely a control freak. Everyone’s trying to excuse this as anxiety or whatever, but it seems pretty clear to me that he quit because things didn’t go his way…like a baby…that wears a diaper…full of poo.

  • amplifiedlife

    The show must go on… Que no?

  • SanD

    Michael, there’s a lot a hater’s as well as admirers on your blog (I’m neither), critisizing your movies, your persona, and laughing at your mishap with Samsung. Let me say:
    1> Folks who generally critisize your movies, generally watch your movies and sequels
    2> People who despise you are either jumping on a band-wagon… cos it’s good to see a person fall from grace, but hey – ultimately you got them talking and ranting about Michael Bay, and I don’t think you really care for it (else why create a blog platform)
    3> End of the day, you get to direct Hollywood movies, make loads of money, enjoy life and it’s quirks (like the Samsung live talk), most people on here would love to trade places with you
    4> You made a total mess at CES, yet the prompter said “Michael Bay ladies and gents”, they still clapped!!

  • MaryRachelK

    The Verge is calling it a “meltdown”. What a let down! There was I was joyfully and gleefully clicking away rubbing my hands together like a movie villain, expecting the second coming of Christian Bale WITH VIDEO! I was salivating. I’ve heard so many Michael Bay stories out here in Hollywood.

    This promised to be so good, the public humiliation and unmasking of the most vile human being in the city – well after Brett Ratner – and what do I get instead? Some guy who I’m guessing is a bit shy and perhaps compensates for it by using that legendary ego to get things done on the set. He’s obviously nervous as hell, saying “um” between every phrase, trying to overcome his nervousness, finding himself unable to, apologizing and walking off as graciously as possible.

    I say give the guy a break. We’re all human, we’ve all been at least semi-publicly humiliated.

  • chuuuuer

    It’s okay, Mike. It happens. Don’t let the asses here get you down. Very few could improvise a speech in front of such a massive crowd. I’m sure it was embarrassing and I feel for you. But this happens to lots of people so take solace in the fact we suffer with you.

    • beziermedia

      It wasn’t improvised. Samsung F’d up royal.

  • James Goldner

    No matter what happened today or what happens tomorrow, I always look forward to the work Michael Bay does.

  • http://TheUselessInformationFile.com/ Robert Clark

    I haven’t always agreed with the directions you have taken your work, and to be honest have laughed at some of the jibes you are a target of, but I can’t agree with your choice to leave the stage when you did. Also my empathy goes out to you for the situation.

    I do not know if your Samsung partnership is a business, a purely financial venture, or a genuine appreciation for the new product and its ilk, however I think that if you had stayed too long on that stage you would have made it a bigger story for the press taking away from the product, and may have even done some damage to your personal reputation in the future.

    I have had to do public speaking, although nowhere near the scale that presentation was getting, and it is never easy. I don’t know how much it will mean to you, but don’t beat yourself up over it and don’t let others do it too much either. Sometimes you can recover from it and sometimes “boom goes the dynamite”.

    I had almost the exact thing happen to me during a stage play where my blowing the lines cut 10 minutes and 3 characters, whose families were in the audience on paid tickets. The person doing lines offstage missed my mistake entirely like where your teleprompter died. Afterwords I felt like I wanted to just curl up and die.

    On the other hand, it is a Samsung event and they are beginning to get known for how wrong they go in the tech media. Unfortunately you were the collateral damage.

    • anon

      shut up.

  • anon

    Fuck it mike. Shit happens. Move on.

  • oliversl

    Keep up the good job, don’t let the Samsung PR trolls convince to do what you don’t want to do.

  • dark_b

    Wow! This sounds like an ad… unfortunately so unspontaneous that
    i don’t want to experience the samsung curved screen… If the product is just stellar, why would you need a script to tell the world? Do you write this just to cash your check even though you didn’t perform?

  • Dio

    No big deal, U’re awesome as a director, enjoyed all of your movies :)
    Dont let the haters get to you!

    I would personally walk off as well if all those happened to me when im not expecting it!

  • Gabriel Agb

    don’t worry man. You should be stay into your movies just like bad boys. I guess will be a good exercie for you public fear

  • http://www.saadhamid.com/ Saad Hamid

    Happens to the best of us. No biggie Bay!

  • Simone Brunozzi

    Michael, I do public speaking for a living. It could have happened to anyone. Don’t worry. What’s really important is your contribution in your whole career, not sixty seconds. You’ll be fine soon, and let the haters enjoy their day for now :)

  • Alexis Flores M.

    We forgive you, don´t worry, shit happens!… but can you directing Transformers 5, as a compensation?

  • Ergerg Erfgerg

    Do not kill yourself please.

    • fede4488

      yes, do it! do the world a favor! No more MB movies. That sounds good…

    • alanb

      Why would he do that? An extremely successful director who has accomplished more than I could in 5 lifetimes has 45 seconds of awkwardness and you think he’s now clinically depressed? I doubt it.

  • GungGung

    No worries! I could have done more self-degrading things in that situation.

  • lido giovacchini

    we all get a little flustered sometimes, you’re still a good guy and a talented creator

  • milworker

    Shrug it off, you’re awesome, trolls will be trolls.

  • Joe

    Who knows might end up being the best promotion ever, no worries about it though public speaking isn’t for everybody, def. not me.

  • WorldWeary

    No big whoop Mike! Happens to the best of us.

  • ThatSonyGuy

    please sir, bring it to Newfoundland Canada. If you are going around the world, please include us.

  • ThatSonyGuy

    Also, some are meant to be behind the camera and some in front. You are a stellar director. I guess you’ll look at actors differently from now on.

  • beziermedia

    Oh Samsung. You have now F’d up 2 major keynotes. Did you see the GS4 launch? Ugh. Bay, it’s not your fault. Samsung is a gong show. Back out of that deal.

  • RachelKati

    So, Michael, we’ve had our fun. I’ll apologize for my part in the fray IF you can explain to me what is UHD and why do I want it? UHD is Ultra HR Ultimate HD something like that. Is it the same as 4K? Do you know? Did they bother to tell you?

  • Kris Corti

    No Pain No Gain.
    Less embarassing anyway than your latest movie.

  • http://www.compassionateactionnetwork.com/ dakini_3

    I can only speak for myself but as a person who is introverted but not shy public speaking is a formidable challenge [I make myself do it]. If I lost my place in front of a large audience it would take considerable focus to recover & regroup. I really felt #compassion for your situation in that moment. Please ignore the meanness of the trolls. You shoot Beautiful films. That’s what counts. #VisualCreatives

  • Gus McFuss

    Do any of you trolls have any idea how difficult it is to speak in front of these massive audiences? Or how difficult it is to completely own a very public and humiliating mistake?

    Mr. Bay: Would have been so much easier (and typical for celeb status) to blame Samsung, the event staff, etc, but you just owned it. Your balls and class are proudly on display, good sir!

  • Kate Lightfoot

    Good on you for this blog entry. Speaking in front of a crowd that size can’t be easy and near impossible when things don’t go right. I wouldn’t walk off stage if that happened to me – I’d run! It took balls to write that post – kudos to you.

  • Solid Snake

    lol what a loser. He looked like he was about to cry on stage.

  • Saul Peterson

    Can’t believe this fraud was unable to say one fucking thing about what inspires him or what UHD means for filmmakers. Fuck the teleprompter! That’s stuff you need to have in your head and heart already – these we’re softball questions and he had to walk off rather than answer a question (“what are you influenced by”) filmmakers are asked at every Q&A event ever. Total sellout

  • Kevin Mannerings

    Hey Michael, just ignore the creeps who like to bash a man when he is down. You generated so much publicity for the Curved TV, the Marketing Manager must think it is Christmas again:-) haha. Just relax and beat the stress.

  • Tim Pilcher

    I’m no hater, but really, Mr. Bay, you should have rehearsed and at least memorised a few key points or genuinely been passionate about the product to be able to talk about it. I would’ve thought a man of your experience is used to making movie pitches or talking to whole film crews? I know that talking to a large crowd can sometimes be scary (I do it all the time and I’m always nervous) but just walking off isn’t professional and never an option. Get some media training in future.

    • AlluringParadox

      Sometimes we break down because WE’RE ALL HUMANS AND NOT PERFECT. I’m sure you’ve had moments where you just froze and didn’t know what to do. Someone should act professional yes, but it’s not always that EASY. Gosh, so ignorant. If you think it can be scary, maybe he thinks its terrifying? We all have different experiences that makes us who we are, maybe in his childhood something happened that made him scared. If you always are nervious then fucking let him be it too!

      • Tim Pilcher

        I think my point was “feel the fear and do it anyway”, not bugger off quickly! ;-) And no, I’ve never “frozen” because I’ll start to ad lib, bring someone in to help me or open a dialogue with the audience. There’s plenty of tricks you can use to get yourself out of that situation. NEVER rely 100% on auto cues! I’m more surprised that Samsung hadn’t briefed him properly or had contingency plans for when things like this happen. Or perhaps the whole thing was a scam to get more press (in which case, it worked)!

  • http://www.malekphotography.com/ skapunkmetalskater

    Sucks when these kinda things happen, but equally sucks when you can’t say a few words without a fucking teleprompter…

    • AlluringParadox

      We’re all humans, ffs, some people are more introverted than others. Judging someone after that is just fucking mean, get a hold of yourself.

  • meteormage

    Hey Michael, hope you’re reading this. Such things happen; I’ve been through countless shite like this too. But don’t be too disheartened; take it in your stride and move on. All the best! :)

  • Guest

    The beginning of the END………

  • Android 1

    The beginning of the END……….

  • AeternaServus

    Wow. Considering how “professional” you’re supposed to be, this happenstance is a total let-down. I tried very hard to stay away from those who hate on you just to join a group or not feel left out, but honestly, your inability to keep your cool really disappointed me. I hope you can get some self-esteem soon and stop hiding behind your damn camera.

    For those who will assume this is from a “hater”, kindly take the tampon out and grow a pair. Figuratively, or not.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      What is wrong with you?

  • Michael Leibman

    I have done that in situations where I was expected to be some shining star and felt way too much pressure and no clue. The only really effective solution is to be a little more pro-active about stress relief and relaxation.

  • Android 1

    That’s what u get for being an asshole to lots of people and everyone who’s kissing your ass …..oh it’s ok don’t really mean it there just crazy guys looking for a friend which we know your not……and instead of talking it like a MAN you RAN OFF LIKE A B**** …..so cry me a river and please don’t mess up TRANSFORMERS 4 like you do most good franchise …I’ve seen most of your movies and was disappointed with the ticket price and especially the movie ..so this is from a guy WHO DOSENT CARE IF I HURT YOUR FEELING AND DO NOT CARE TO KISS YOUR ASS……just make good movies and stop being a B****

    • AlluringParadox

      You’re being a thoughless bitch, and your grammar is really hurting my eyes. Instead of being an anonymous bitch “Android 1″ without anything good to say, how about thinking before you actually type something? Would you like for anyone to talk to you like that? Would your parents be proud of your statement, proud of you bullying someone like that? You know hating someone says so much more about YOU than about the one you’re hating. It shows how much of an ignorant and mean spirited person you are. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything. Please, get of the internet.

  • http://fearlessblogger.com faryl

    I’m not sure if you’re reading the comments, and I know this will seem cheesy, but want to give a (virtual) hug to you.

    Anyone who has experienced anxiety issues of their own should be able to empathize, if not identify. I’m glad to see other commenters here also showing their support.

  • Ryan Presley

    It happens Mr. Bay. All these haters would still be hating even if you knocked the presentation out of the park. Bring on Transformers 4, and TMNT! Super excited!

  • armanketigabelas

    CUT! let’s roll back, :)

  • Mikkel Thrane

    No worries….it was not that bad, and walking off the scene was way better that just standing there without saying anything or mumbling. Cudos to you!! As others wrote, it happens to a lot of us from time to time.

    • Dirk Digler

      Actually, walking off stage like a child was certainly not better than standing there and dealing with the situation like any normal adult would…

  • Gavin Jones

    Don’t sweat it fella, in the grand scheme, it’s not important – action movies is your thing, do that :-)

  • Matthias Jansing

    After hundreds of presentations I visited the last twenty years, let me say, Mr.Bay you will be remembered. I really liked it.

  • So Ph

    let’s cuddle, someday, somewhere ;)

  • James McCann

    Well no-one’s going to forget that in a hurry. Excellent! Don’t worry about it. Just go and make some more good stuff to watch ON the TV rather than jabber about it.

  • Ger Lally

    Hi Michael next time let me help ! I have coached and trained over 5000 speakers and they never ever depend on script or Teleprompter . It’s all down to my prep style . Ger@lallyandassociates.ie

  • Ksanter X

    I’m not a fan of your movies but I see you as a good person after this. You have a courage not just to blame technical difficulties or someone else but take responsibility. Stuff happens, learn from it and improve yourself. I’m not sure if you read this, but best luck.

  • LarZen

    Everyone stumbles sometimes, even big movie directors like Michael Bay. What I find most disturbing about the whole incident is the bullying in the commenting sections and how some web sites angles it. It really shows who the not so nice people on the web are and what web pages one should question their professionalism.

  • disqus_8aa29kBTtz

    Get your shit together Bay, get it together…

  • howzzat

    That’s fine, we’re human after-all.

  • Jonas B. Ingebretsen

    I actually like you more now then before. It’s okay buddy. Keep going!

  • Barbara Moynihan

    You could not watch the video without feeling genuine empathy and sympathy. Teleprompter fails, nerves kick in and Michael walks off.
    But … Nobody’s dead!
    Lots of lessons to be learned – main one I would suggest is learning techniques to control nerves.
    For Michael – he got it! Live is not his thing so shooting footage instead.
    Again, I repeat Nobody’s dead!

  • http://joakimnilsson.com/ Joakim Nilsson

    I’m just happy that we got to see that real people still exists… surely a tough and embarrassing moment, but so what, we’re all humans!

  • Kenny

    You made The Rock … Life is good. When I was growing up me and my friends used to have a list of stuff and if anything from the list appeared in a movie we would go watch it. Your name is on that list

  • Rayshawn Archer

    when is this special happening. is it this month

  • smessinis

    Hey, don’t sweat it. Those first 30 seconds are always hell in any public speech. My advice, get right back up there. Take deep, deep breaths just before starting and remember, talk from the heart.

  • http://facebook.com/cusbum Marcus

    Sh*t happens! its life, we just have to accept it, laugh about it, and then move on :)

  • coucou

    It’s great to see true people like you. Keep it up, you gave so much great things to us !

  • Tom Andreas Selven

    Everybody in the world knows about Samsungs new TV now. Consider it a promotional success above any other! There’s no such thing as bad PR.

    • Adam Kensington

      There’s no such thing as bad PR … one of the worst lies in the media.Tell Gerald Ratner that!

      • Tom Andreas Selven

        I didn’t know who Gerald Ratner was before I looked him up right now. I didn’t even know what CES was untill Michael choked and got covered by Norways largest news outlet.
        Now I, and many others know about the Samsung TV, which would never have happened otherwise.

        I guess your right though, not _all_ PR is good, but if spun right I reckon most can be.

  • Teresa Orpurt

    Been there 2. Once did hilarious presentation w/video behind me opposite of what I was saying. Video hiccup & it was out of sync. Had to wing it. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • Dthompson

    Now I’m your fan!

  • Javier Bernad

    No worries Mr. Bay. It happens to everyone, sooner or later. Great of you to assume the bungle.

  • raindeb

    Happens to all of us…

    “Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

  • http://www.joovii.de/ Stefan V.

    Can happen to everyone. Keep it on! For me, no big deal!

  • Matt

    Sorry to hear the presentation didn’t go well. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be. Excited to see what the new footage and TV looks like.

  • marcintosh

    No worries. Maybe they can fix it in post.

  • Ewan McIntosh

    When things don’t go as expected it can throw the best of us. Don’t fret!

  • Matt Nabil

    I was expecting some special fx. A TV transforming. Some explosions on stage. Instead…nothing.

  • ron rofe

    you are a champ!

  • Kristann Salvalosa

    shrug it off as sh*t happens. just keep doing what you love the most!
    by the way I’ve seen the video, thanks! for the good laugh :)

  • fede4488

    He can’t even answer questions about what inspires him and how does he come up with his ideas because he doesn’t have any!

    • Maxim∑

      please shut the fuck up

      • fede4488

        A proud Michael Bay fan. I never thought that i would encounter one. How much is your IQ?

        • Maxim∑

          I’m not really a fan at all, didn’t even know who he was until yesterday. I just think that’s a bit harsh, he was nervous. Directors aren’t usually the ones to do public speaking like that to

  • Steven

    I wouldn’t worry too much as it’s so clear you have anxiety issues and they kicked in. You got to feel some what sorry for him as it’s a crap feeling when anxiety hits. It makes you just want to run.

  • Steve

    As someone who loves to talk to people, but has struggled mightily with public speaking throughout my life, I sympathize wholeheartedly, I’ve been there. The embarrassment is the worst, and no one reviles us more than ourselves in those moments. I’m always impressed by the respect such a flub can bring from people who come forward to pat you on the back after, and I imagine this experience will only make you a stronger speaker in the future. Don’t sweat it!

  • Katherine McChesney

    Why didn’t they intervene for him? Seems they owe him an apology.

  • http://obbop.wordpress.com/ obbop

    Bannination bunch browsing bodaciously

  • Ramiro Oliva

    I admit I’m more intrigued now by #Samsung 4K TV-sets thanks to @s4te non-speech.

  • lizwainger

    Public speaking is the number one fear of most Americans before death and snakes and other horrors. Michael Bay is used to being behind the camera. He was on the right track when he said he wanted to wing it but i guess the anxiety was just too overwhelming and he had to exit. It underscores the need for presentation training and practice and avoiding over reliance on technology. But let’s cut him a break. This can happen to anyone.

  • Kasey Hanna

    Great to see you are A real person . Public speaking is very difficult for alot of people . Go samsung .

  • Dirk Digler

    Wow. How immature. And you deal with millions of dollars of other folks’ money?

    Fvck me. Fvck them. Fvck you…

  • Tanya Ryno

    Honestly, it’s refreshing to see that someone you look to up to is human.

  • Tim

    So you get paid to endorse a product that you obviously don’t believe in. I say this because, lets face it if did, you would have been able to say what you thought without need for a teleprompter. Its not as if you haven’t spoken in front of large crowds or on live TV before, so no excuse there. You simply couldn’t express your own opinion because it differed from what the company wanted you to say.

    • RustyNail88

      True. Like the job interview question “sell me this pen” … one could go on and on about a 105″ curved TV and not know a single damn thing about it. The host was there as a guide as well, so it is not as though you are alone. Unless a panic attack or throwing up was approaching, the only other option was that you don’t believe in the product.

  • Jallal El Barni

    Courage, c’est pas facile de passer de l’autre coté de l’écran !

  • Daren

    Just human. Take care man. Do something lovely for yourself.

  • Pal Tonder

    I’ts all ok! :) I think everyone understands how difficult it must be to stand in front of that many people/critics when things goes wrong. I would probably handled it the same way as you did, or possibly worse, by staying…

    Shit happens. Now just sit back and breathe out :)

  • Thretosix

    While I will likely never own a 105″ TV curved or not. Perhaps the unwanted publicity will help awareness to the product. Michael Bay likes a product and endorses it. I hope it all turns out well for you Michael. People are always going to hate. Can’t wait for TF4. Still like the first one the best. Blackout scene at the beginning really set a tone for the whole movie.

  • Gonzalo Quinteros

    You are not human, that is obviously a press release that links the brand to your next movie. and.. that’s it. if you “loved” that product so much you should have… ah, you were reading a teleprompter. wait michael, why does some one who loves something so much needs a teleprompter to say what he knows or believes in? i don’t know, just sounds strange,

    • Pal Tonder

      Because big companies tend to want to make shure things like this doesnt happen at important events like this :) But sometimes it does and life goes on :)

      • Gonzalo Quinteros

        you are right,


  • Gonzalo Quinteros

    Cheers for advertising.

  • Steve S

    Brush it off. Most people are less afraid of death than public speaking. Richard Branson also does not like it.

  • Alex Hannah

    What a nob

  • Mark Sloan

    Not a fan of your movies but don’t worry about this. The whole damn presentation was awkward and you walking off was the most human, entertaining, and real part. :-)

  • Stefan Zwanzger

    Sympathetic and human. I think this event will play in your favor in the long run.

  • Paula

    It is difficult enough to walk on stage, but to have to “Wing It” is another. I believe you handled the situation well.

  • Dude

    te malviajaste. Te entiendo viejo, a veces pega mal.

  • Poor Boy

    Your “live” talk makes about as much (non)sense as your INANE movies, if that’s what you want to call those video games!!!!

  • http://jarinudom.com Jarin Udom

    Hey dude, the public speaking nervousness death spiral happens to everyone at some point.

  • Samti

    I think Michael was afraid that television became a Transformer. The only thing I missed was to leave the stage with a characteristic explosion.

  • Mad As A March Hare

    Everyone fu*ks up and my heart goes out to you. Let it go now.

  • Tony

    Kudos to you Michael for lending your name, getting up there, trying to make it work in front of everyone. I feel ya man, I’m right there with you. Keep up with the great work. Love your films!

  • http://www.LasVegasRealEstateHome.com/ Las Vegas Real Estate

    Happens to the best of us. Even when I’m talking about a topic I know like the back of my hand in front of large groups of people and something happens that throws off the presentation, the anxiety of public speaking kicks in and takes over.

  • Kai Steinbach

    one word: Toastmasters!

  • Anthony Hogue

    I completely understand how you are feeling and what you went through! Almost the exact same experience happened to me. I was asked to give an impromptu speech and was given notes to speak about damn near minutes before they wanted me to speak. As I was introducing myself I realized that I had left the notes at my seat. Not knowing what to say I nervously tried to say whatever I could remember on the notes but it didn’t come out so well. I explained to the crowd that I left the notes at my table and I that I would just try to wing it…..and my mind went BLANK…I couldn’t say anything. I did exactly as you did apologized and walked to my table.

    It’s easy for people to say “don’t sweat it,” “shrug it off.” People do not understand that it’s an experience that will go through your mind for some time.

    The good news…with time this will pass. We now need to learn from this experience and begin to start to understand why our mind reacted the way it did. I speak collectively, because for some strange reason I felt like i was on the stage with you. I was reliving my experience. I knew exactly when you were going to walk off that stage. We can’t run from it. Trust me I tried and found myself being attracted to similar situations.

    Keep doing what you are good at (it’s your gift) …now start working on what your not (it’ll make you stronger).

    Peace and happiness

  • http://sbets.ru/ хруст


  • michael2595

    The world didnt end. We are all alive.

  • Punnyabrata

    I wanted to say something but I guess so many comments below are echoing what I wanted to say anyway. You are a great Director, we all love you and most of all it’s okay to trip sometimes that proves that you are as human as anyone else. I don’t thing what happened at CES is going to take away anything from what you have already achieved.

  • Alex Eckelberry

    Well, you just experienced the ultimate nightmare in public speaking, and no harm came of it short of a little embarrassment. Now that’s out of the way, it won’t happen again, you can laugh it off in future talks and turn this into a great joke!

    Here’s the good news: I had no idea that Samsung had come out with such a cool product, and you’ve certainly made this thing big news. So, funny enough, you made this new product more known now than it would have been if you’d delivered a flawless introduction!

    My advice? Screw teleprompters. I don’t use them, I actually use no notes or anything at all and I’ve done a lot of public speaking. I just talk to the crowd as if I’m talking to one person. Funny enough, it’s easier that way. But that’s just me. I’ve had professional coaching, sure, but in the end, you just have to be yourself. Talking to 10,000 people is no different than talking to one person, really. There are a few tricks in public speaking, however, and a professional coach or Toastmasters can be quite helpful.

    Anyway, keep up the great work as a director!

  • John Lucas

    Michael – don’t blame the prompter operator – when it wiggles up and down it is saying ‘just read me, I’m in the right place’
    – you skipped the VPs intro because you weren’t paying attention to the prompter – just read what is there , it is not ‘lost’ – if you are then, again, just read what’s on the prompter – very smart people (hopefully including you) wrote those words because that is what you want to say, so, again, just read the prompter – – – – and, DON’T blame the prompter operator for your stage fright and failure to rehearse

  • Gyoz

    Looking forward to watch your great work in a splendid 4K rendition. We love your artist sensibility and there is no need for a public stage to prove this.

  • Tim Johnston

    I once read a story from Jack Valenti’s book “Speak Up With Confidence” that the night before JFK was assassinated in Dallas he gave a speech at a banquet and Mr. Valenti, who was sitting at the head table with JFK, noticed JFK’s hands were shaking terribly as he held his notes while delivering his speech. Mr. Valenti’s lasting memory was that here was a man who had given some of the world’s most memorable speeches, and yet even he sometimes got terribly nervous when speaking in public. If it can happen to JFK, it can happen to anyone.

  • Bob B

    Michael..take a pass for your freeze…where can I purchase this “105”-UHD TV?

  • lc828

    nothing to be embarrassed about. Stuff just happens sometimes!

  • Bubba

    Could be worse. You could have announced a new movie.

  • Rian Pearl Smith

    We’re all human haha who doesn’t embarrass themself every now and then? Just consider it an opportunity for growth.

  • Luka lame

    Np happens to everywhone

  • Luka lame

    Just one thing I have to say Mr.Baywhen TF:AGE OF EXTINCTION in blu ray pls put special features in the 2d version not like dark of the moon had it because I couldn’t buy the 3D version because I don’t have a 3D TV and 3D bluray playes so pls

  • Luka lame

    Hear me

  • Luka lame

    And I can’t wait when the movie comes out and I’m gonna watch it with my whole family

  • tehbigone

    Repeat after me. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down.

  • Luka lame


  • Matthew Jenkins

    I’ve heard that stammer, stall, panic, and resignation to disaster before in a public speech. I’ve never had the escape route of just walking out of the room though!

    Also…this is getting exponentially more attention for Samsung then just another celebrity endorsement.

  • Jesper Buch

    Forget about the telep. …. theres nothing as easy as talking about what you love the most… just remember that next time… unplugged is much better and much more passionate…. I remember I was close to pissing in my pants first time I spoke to an audience of more than 600 people… but I just talked about my life and what I loved most.. building my business.. I know now that I have a lot of empathy cause I felt what I think you felt at the moment deep into my bones… happy thoughts to you from Denmark….

  • Ken Flago

    Fake? Good PR stunt if it was.

  • baytrail

    hahahahha looserr L

  • baytrail

    fucking loser ahahahahahah

  • HostyCroop

    What doesnt kill you makes you stronger !
    We’re never too old and it’s never too late.

  • http://www.amananderson.com/ aman anderson

    It’s so good, he was speechless. Well done. For a product that nice, why talk about it? Just look at it. It’s a TV! The TV has speakers to speak for itself, doesn’t it?!

  • Steven Burgas

    Seems typical of someone with a social anxiety disorder. It’s okay to be surrounded by people when he’s in a comfortable place and in control (like directing a film), but not when confronted by an audience and not when the TelePrompTer fails.

  • fastballJohn

    Speak from your heart Michael Teleprompters suck…

    • Kyle

      Who is Michael Teleprompters?

  • ion9

    guess you wont get paid for that one. seems odd that you cant speak about something you are so passionate about, but I guess you were really more passionate about the endorsement check.

  • Konstantin

    dude, you know how to steal samsungs interested customers for your own person… Let’s get this CES-Video go viral…
    And practice speaking in front of thousands of people and techniques to bypass the timespan between a teleprompter-error and the moment when the technicians repaired it. And don’t be distracted by a video going viral, take it as an opportunity to proceed learning…
    Just some keywords to talk about: “big resolution, really clear picture, big size” – or just talk about the first thoughts you have right on stage when seeing that 100 inch screen…

  • Valeria Bonaventure

    I think it’s great that Michael had that moment. It shows other people that you can be wealthy and accomplished, yet still prey to ordinary human foibles. It could give hope to other people who suffer from stage fright.

  • Darth critic

    At least you’re lucid about it, and guess what? You’re human! Can’t wait ’til your next movie! Put that behind you and keep your focus on what you’re the best at: Making spectacular movies!

  • Augusto Castro Salazar

    He could have said: When I came here God and I knew what I was going to say, now only God knows!

  • Atlanta Bort

    As a fellow Christian I can only imagine what a let down that must have been. It was an opportunity to seize a moment and let Christ speak through you. Thoughts and Prayers with you Mr. Bay!

    • Chris

      You’re an idiot.


    “I rarely lend my name to any products” R U SERIOUS?? you have a product placement on your “i was attacked in h.k” post… so basically on everything

  • gearheadgal

    Sad that a set of messages in prepared remarks were not so well understood by you as a spokesperson that you couldn’t vamp from your heart about the product without a prompter and now have to resort to this wimpy endorsement on your blog. Did you phone in your prep? Also sad that as a Director, you don’t even know your own shortcomings as a stage talent that you embarrass yourself and your partner. Or did your ego get the better of you when they asked and you couldn’t say no?

    If anyone gets the notion of team, it should be a guy that needs one to realize a major motion picture vision. You better than anyone should get the basic rule that a team member doesn’t just abandon the ship when the seas get rocky.

    • Jon Donnis

      Bullshit. He clearly has anxiety issues and got hit by an attack. It nasty when it happens and all you want to do is run. When you have one, you’ll know the feeling.

      At the end of the day, he’s indirectly given the screen more advertising than it ever would have if he’d actually stayed on and done a boring pre-scripted speech.

      • gearheadgal

        Someone with anxiety issues should know better than to take a gig in front of that crowd with that much at stake for his partner. I have had anxiety issues speaking in front of large groups and even being on television and walking off was simply not a pro’s option. So don’t say I don’t know the feeling – as a grown up, I know to avoid putting myself in a situation where I can’t cope. Or I prep to help me cope. There is simply no excuse for bailing.

        • Jon Donnis

          That’s also bullshit. A lot of therapist will tell you, instead of taking pills for anxiety, the best way is to fight it. Put yourself in the situations that great anxiety and try and fight it. For all we know, he was fighting it in other areas and he thought he was ready for this big show. Unfortunately he ended up letting it get the better of him.

          Belittling someone for anxiety kicking in and them giving into it, really doesn’t help them.

  • Cudos

    Anxiety attacks can hit anyone anytime, regardless of who you are. They are awful!! He may feel he embarrassed himself but what he really did was let those millions of people know that they are not alone when anxiety strikes.

  • cindy

    sounds like a human being, being human

  • callitasIseeit

    You need a promptor to discuse what you do for a living? Really? Sad…….

  • Jcl

    He should run for President!

  • AvTheMan

    Love how this guy pretends to be all Liberal and is anti the gun laws that keep us safe, yet all his movies contain guns and violence, not to mention his sissy views when it comes liberal taxes but he loves making money on crappy movies. now he sides up with samsung (a Japanese company) and breaks down. Coincidence or is his concious finally getting to him

    • Scott Wright

      Idiot. Japanese.

      • forreaz

        Samsung is a South Korean company.

    • Farrell75

      Korean company you idiot

  • renze

    You know, I’ve watched plenty of keynotes and these kinds of events and I’ve always thought to myself, “If I screwed up, I’d have an overwhelming urge to just walk off the stage and get out of there.” I can empathize.

  • james holloway

    Just shows u how little talent u have Bay. A true person speaks their mind and does not need prompting. When is the next America saves the day film coming out? BTW Lenovo sucks.

  • David Meiklejohn

    Moscow Rule #2: Technology will always let you down.

  • DonnaGilliland10

    Mr. Bay, Samsung will never be forgotten, nor will you. Now that’s a positive! On a serious note, we are ALL human and sometimes we simply have a moment that we wished we had handled differently.

    It must have been very frustrating to be on stage and have a teleprompter issue.

    “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” ~ Bruce Lee
    Best to you Mr. Michael Bay.

  • OfCourse Not

    Michael Bay, that was painful to watch and I can sympathize because everyone worries about this happening when they speak in public. It could have gone much, much worse.

    • CheersSD

      Much worse? Walking off the stage is about as bad as it gets.

  • don

    That’s what happens when you do things for the money and not from the heart. You didn’t have an honest word to say about the tv because it was an easy cheque and nothing more.

    • soupherman

      He’s selling a TV, just like you sell a service in whatever job you’re doing and the odds are you’re possibly not passionate about it either. Do you think I spend 10 hours a day away from home for pursuits of the heart?! I’m getting a paycheck and I don’t see how that’s a bad thing.

  • B D

    You forgot about just telling the truth and speaking from the heart. It’s not surprising those skills are really, really rusty though, since you work in the movie making business.

  • Scott Wright

    Mr Bay. Happens to all of us. You already showed us you’re talented. And now you showed use you’re human. No problem!

    AvTheMan> Idiot. Samsung is not Japanese.

  • wen

    Actually we cannot deny the fact that we are human. But, even though the teleprompter got lost, it is common sense, just to say on your own words about the TV. Even me who just saw the video is able to say something about the curved TV…. well we don’t know, that is show business.. this scenario will create more buzz than if Mr. Bay did the speech right….

  • Keith Richter

    Hats off to you Michael for at least giving it a solid effort on that stage. I think people need to back off on their criticism of you. I would love to see the average joe, go up on stage in front of hundreds of people and see how they do. Live presentations are not easy to do.

  • barack obama

    Actually I like him more than before now.

  • Farrell75

    No excuse and not an anxiety attack. Classic case of piss poor preperation! You’re a creative person who can’t talk creatively about what they do for a living! Then all you had to do is say “The new curved screen will really enhance the viewing experience especially when watching my amazing movies.” Just off the top of my head! #coward!

    • Jake Harrington

      He was scared shitless, not only was it obvious he was nervous but he also had to say unscripted lines when his teleprompter broken-down, and using hashtags make you look like a childish douchebag.

      • Farrell75

        Thank you for your articulate critique.

      • James_Jimmy_McNulty

        hashtags are over. #killhashtags
        (honestly, i have no idea what hashtag means and i’m too lazy to look it up. i AM sick of hearing/seeing them though!)

    • Kim

      Its a blatant panic attack. I take ones just like it.

      • Farrell75

        Oh please! I’m sure he was panicking his multi million dollar cotton socks off! (Insert sarcasm where appropriate)

    • Aaron C

      Easy to say that when you’ve thought about it for a second. Not so easy when you’ve been prepped and the teleprompters are supposed to be telling you what the Samsung marketing folks have decided the message is going to be and then suddenly they’re not working and you have 500 people looking right at you. You obviously have never had an anxiety attack. If not, I hope you never do because it’s one of the absolute worst feelings in the world.

      • Farrell75

        My apologies, I’m now setting up the “Build MB Confidence” foundation.

  • mixeao

    I guess we won’t expect Michael to be hosting the Oscars anytime soon.
    (I kid… I kid…)

  • rsqviper

    They hadn’t even asked the dude about the tv yet. they asked him about his job. Why in the HECK would he need a prompter for THAT? Does a write have to do everything for this guy?

    • chubbycheese

      Because some people aren’t good at public speaking. I’m one of them.

      • Play Righter

        Still, it seems odd that a guy who leads throngs of people for a living and has likely made many past public appearances, would freeze up while talking about what he does and loves — expanding the imagination. Rather ironic spot for him to lose his.

        • Farrell75


        • dax

          corporations and their tools: you can’t trust ‘em.

        • chubbycheese

          There are many famous actors who are introverts and wouldn’t do well in public speaking. I can’t image how Harrison Ford would do if he had to wing a speech.

  • Sharon 2357

    I would’ve never even heard of this CES convention had it not been the
    sensationalism making its way to HLN News. Samsung should pay Michael
    Bay even more now for the publicity stunt. LOL. Everytime I see Samsung
    devices for sale in the future, I’ll remember this.. but it won’t
    influence my purchasing decision one way or the other, it’ll just
    permanently engrave SAMSUNG in my mind.

    • Farrell75

      They say that there is no such thing as bad publicity however I know Samsung will not see it that way.

  • tracedent

    Who the hell is Michael Bay?? ;-)

  • CheersSD

    Probably the best marketing Samsung could have received from this incident, IMHO. Now everybody will relate the Michael Bay issue to the curved 105in tv. In a weird way, Samsung should be cool with this because it blew up on Twitter and built some brand awareness.

  • Kim

    I take panic attacks just like this. The guy has nothing to be ashamed of and many companies ( even ones I respected) handled this terribly. No matter what you think of someone’s work, human decency is for everyone. Feel better, Bay. You are not alone and anxiety isn’t a weakness.

    • James_Jimmy_McNulty

      yeah, it’s a non-issue. he got stage fright

  • http://Tech2Yantra.blogspot.com/ Manu Presannakumar

    ” Such small things happen with Geniuses ”

    Michael Bay is truly one and we know that. Salute.

  • dax

    wow. the video was hilarious.. just like your transformers movies.

  • http://iAlan.com/ Alan Aurmont

    Shit happens.

    Honestly though, that video clip does give me tons of confidence and self-esteem for my upcoming presentation in front of hundreds of grad students at my university. Thanks, Michael.

  • Guest

    Michel is Michael Bay…..”I was about to speak for Samsung for this awesome Curved 105-inch UHD TV. I rarely lend my name to any products, but this one is just stellar. I got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP’s intro line and then the teleprompter got lost”

  • dax

    “I rarely lend my name to any products” <- but filling your movies with product placements is fine? don't be a hypocrite.

    • Nicolas Ruiz

      Kudos for your comment, perfect!!! All his movies have brands as main stars. I hate Michael Bay’s movies

  • StevenAllan

    Well, me winging it would have been “Curved telly, so fat blokes can carry it” :)

    • Farrell75

      Ya see now that would have been creative!

  • fede4488

    I suck at public speaking too. I start to sweat and sometimes stutter. But to run away like a kid is childish and unprofessional

    • http://www.1337core.de/ Alex

      Sorry, you don’t define “professional” and you should’t not judge other people.

      • fede4488

        so getting paid to promote something and run away like a school girl is not unproffesional?
        Are you a fanboy of his stupid, soulless movies?

        • Lore Baculima

          There are different levels of public speaking anxiety. You shouldn’t judge others because you don’t understand what really goes on in other people’s minds and struggles. It’s actually better that he left the stage at the beginning, it’s more professional than not knowing how to answer the questions.

        • http://www.1337core.de/ Alex

          I’m no fanboy and it does’nt sound good for me if you humiliate people with fear. Do you humiliate him, cause you don’t like his movies and that he gets money for it?

  • dvd1711

    I can help you with that…LiveToSpeak.com Or anyone else like some help with public speaking and presentations let me know.

    • Farrell75

      Shameful plug. A little niche though.

  • soupherman

    If anything, this endears me to Michael Bay. It’s affirming to see that the ability to orate isn’t the sole trait of the successful. The realisation that he’s as fallible as the rest of us and ultimately human, kind of makes me see him as a person trying to make movies, rather than some megalomaniacal Hollywood abstraction that we denigrate as a cinematic social tool to flex our snobbish filmic sensibilities.

    • Farrell75

      I couldn’t have put it any more abstract than that, if Picasso had been a writer he would have read that in awe! What the hell are you talking about?!

      • soupherman

        Picasso did write. But, maybe I do need to work on my writing if what I said is unclear. It’s also possible that maybe you didn’t understand. Either way, I’ll work on it just for you, random internet stranger.

        • Henry Linker

          Don’t listen to the troll soupherman. Your entry made sense, Farrell clearly has nothing better to do than be a douche.

    • cach

      Hi, I never post anything on the web, but its really refreshing to finally read someone who makes deep sense about an issue. most ´comenters´ are just ignorant.
      thanks soup herman!

  • Andrew Rosario

    I actually felt really sad for you. At least you did went up on the stage… I’d be scared for life if I did that.

    • Farrell75

      If I were you I would just focus on learning how to write. Don’t run before you can crawl.

  • AudreeV

    Given the incredible images shown on the TV, I thought he simply realized how Québec City is awesome and that he couldn’t wait to visit : )

  • Jon

    hey these things happen Michael – looks like a cool tv and you have actually created more publicity for Samsung and so in my book it has all turned out just fine.

  • Lars Groeger

    It feels actually good to see that even a star director can get lost onstage.
    My sympathy to you……
    I hope you can laugh about this soon.

  • Mark H

    You have a new fan, Bay. Keep on trucking’.

  • Martin J.R. Eidissen

    I struggle with panic attacks in social settings, and especially in situations like lectures and presentations and so forth. Not that that was the case with you, but it reminded me very much of those experiences I have and dread so often. So I guess it’s comforting to also see successful people as yourself being able to “lose it”, and still function well in most instances. That’s inspirational.

  • Devo55

    I’ve had “social anxiety” for 30 years. I’m fine in everyday settings, but often have challenges when presenting. I’ve even avoided promotions in my younger years because of the increased exposure (good and bad). About 10-15 years ago I found the answer (for me) in a magazine called Web 2.0. It referred to “C-C-Courage in a pill” and talked about beta blockers which get rid of the nervousness of tight chest and heavy breathing. They don’t affect you in any other way and allow you to focus on your hard work and not your anxiety. I use 20mg propranalol and my doctor even uses it for the same reason. Everyone with any sense of self will get nervous. Rock on MB – you have hundreds of millions of people right in the same boat. Also, meds haters – don’t bother vomiting bile unless you understand the medicine. Read first

  • Kurt

    A little preparation goes a long way, Mr. Bay.

    • Devo55

      Prep absolutely helps, but if you are the type that does get nervous at times (like myself) it is easy to get sidetracked (aka totally thrown) by the physical impulses happening to you. Even though I do take meds (see my thread) I prepare like a madman. I type out my presentation word for word and then almost forget about that text and improvise because I know the content so well (typing or better yet writing it out embeds it). The betas allows me to forget about any nervousness and that combined with my preparation IRONICALLY has me considered to be one of, if not the best speaker on our leadership team. Adversity can indeed force one to be better as they know what failing horribly feels like and don’t want it to ever happen again.

    • alanb

      Would you be willing to post links to some of the many high-profile, media frenzied talks I assume you’ve done?

      • SalarymaninSeoul

        They asked him to talk about himself. Only an empty human shell cannot do that simple thing.

    • Kurt

      If this is truly an issue of social anxiety and Bay being in a situation that ill-suits him, perhaps he should consider if he truly needs the extra million that the manufacturer is throwing at him to endorse the product. No shame in staying in your comfort zone when that’s netting you 10s of millions.

  • chris

    as an anxiety sufferer myself its nothing to poke fun at! i don’t understand why people are being so cruel! that being said, im surprised that an explosion/robot didnt explode as soon as you left the stage!

  • Robin Umlah

    Michael, I have experienced the same thing, Try Landmark Education. For you to change the world, inspire people, you must get up and speak!! You have the power! Good luck, Robin

  • Chris Kelly

    This was a little awkward to watch, the same uncomfortable feeling I got watching the trailer for Pain & Gain. Sorry

  • marcelo castro

    Steve Jobs prepared his presentations for days….. not easy. If you knew your limitations you had to prepare for the worst or avoid the commitment altogueter.

    • Flab Oy

      That’s why Steve is dead.

  • Esowah

    This dude needs some hard spanking for behaving like a 12 year old on that stage. This is the price you pay when you think you’re a millionaire and feels everything comes easy. Bay, the solution to this problem is to prepare well beforehand. Spend some time to prepare. At least do some work for the money they shed for you by letting you promote their product.

    • Flab Oy

      Seriously I would spank you instead of Michael.

    • alanb

      Oh come on. You’ve never gotten tripped up during a talk? I’ve given many, and it happens every once in awhile. Not the end of the world… the message still got out after all.

  • Flab Oy

    Doing something weird attracts more weirdos! Good job Michael, honestly I do not like Transformers but I desire new 100 inches TV.

  • http://roymarvelous.com/ roy marvelous ϟ

    Breaking news: Michael Bay is only human. Give the man a break.

  • chris_at_cedarhillsgroup

    I forgive you! Have a great day!

  • Cameron Pilcher

    Michael Bay became a director for his love of making movies not selling products. So what he messed up? It doesn’t affect his work or the quality of his movies. Great director! Love Transformers!

  • appstorechronicle

    It was funny, but I’m sorry for the embarrassment. Nothing to worry about. It will blow over.

  • alanb

    Samsung has gotten more attention because of this minor slip-up than they would have otherwise. I for one would never have heard of the Curved TV if not for this. So, this is a marketing success!

  • Babak

    Ah for God’s sake! It’s not as if this guy has been directing “A Single Man” or “Stalker!” It’s not a “demise of a director;” It’s merely a “demise of a Hollywood director.”

    Also the fact that Samsung hasn’t requested for its money back publicly means that the ROI (if you can call spending money on such an untalented person “investment,” that is!) has been much more than what they’ve been hoping for; Is anybody talking about Sony?! No.

    The guy is known as a “major” media person and can not ad-lib for 5 mins! As a former TV person my conscious is totally at ease when I’d say that this incident has nothing to do with the pressures of “live” presentation. It’s merely to do with talent! We’re not talking about a live TV program here; it was a simple presentation with a limited audience. It was a [promotional] speech.

    I’d like to see his actors’ reactions when he criticise them for not remembering their lines!

    • Matthew Pancake

      And you’re a worthless human being for being so Judgmental… Ass.

      • Babak

        Judgmental?! We’re not talking about a kid loosing it in a spelling contest. The guy is paid tens of thousands of dollars (at least) JUST to deliver a nonsense speech in front of (a maximum of) thousand people. By accepting the money he’s claimed that he’s got what it takes to do it. By escaping the scene it’s proven that he can’t. It’s not judgment: It’s fact!

  • jfplopes

    It happens to the best of us. Don’t sweat about it. And if you still feel bad, watch some funny Youtube videos of other people embarrassing moments and you’ll realize that pretty much everyone has had “a moment”. For me it just shows that you’re human.

  • Santiago Subero

    Men i hope you make fun of it in your next movie :D

  • Eddie Kelliher

    Hope Michael takes a look at all the positive comments from all the people below. As was stated many times, he is only human. It’s a fact that at a funeral most people would prefer to be in the coffin than give the eulogy. Public speaking is most peoples worst nightmare, celebrity or not. Next time I see him talking live I’ll be rooting for him.

  • http://virtualresults.net Jim Marks

    Michael, your only mistake was walking off. People gave time that they wont get back to see you. As a speaker, I can tell you if you would have said… Audience, I am petrified to be up here, and the teleprompter is broken… but bear with me… I want to make this vauable…. you would have had an audience for life.

    All in All, just a lesson learned.

  • Tracy Kaye Hart

    Glad to know you are human. Always a fan…

  • drerere

    The worst thing about being human imo, I hate it it ruined my life at least you are a millionaire….

  • Victorr

    People need to shut the fuck up and stop giving people who they don’t even know shit just because they don’t like their work.

  • bobrains

    I’m just glad to hear you are okay, I was worried you had a stroke or crapped your pants or something.

  • Ayby17

    Yeah, I’ve seen the footage this morning and was kinda in shock. Mike’s my favorite director and my biggest inspiration for movie making and I was excised to see him speak. Then he got his meltdown. But this happened to everyone. I give him mad props for admitting that he kinda failed on there and that he doesn’t hide away from comments about the event.
    You go Mike! This changed nothing for me!

  • Lisa Gonzos

    You have other gifts. :)

  • Kishan Shah

    This has happened to me before. Its very easy for people to be hateful in front of a computer, especially for those who have never addressed a large crowd before. You make wonderful films, best of luck Michael.

  • Garfield

    Kanye West has meltdowns. Mr. Bay quietly apologized and stepped out.

  • Leonardo Dourado

    Relax, your movies are the best! Appearing in public is even horrible! This will not overshadow its shine or super tv from Samsung.

  • Dan Loomis

    I know you’re getting raked over the coals for this but it happens to the best of us. Welcome to the human race, Michael Bay.

  • SalarymaninSeoul

    Wow, I can’t imagine anyone who deserves it more than you. But really, the mindlessness of your “performance” mirrored the mindlessness of your movies. You quite literally took that to the same depths as you took the Transformers.

    Are you really so incapable of articulating your own personal insights? Do you even have any insights? Perhaps that is the real insight: Micheal Bay has no internal monologue. Your movies strongly hint at that.

    And now perhaps we can see how a certain Ms. Fox was right about you. Tamper tantrums when things don’t go your way are not how adults deal with things.

  • rafikwood

    you should call your next film The “Teleprompters”

  • Cat

    So will we see you doing live TV again ? Hey we all have had bad moments in front of people. You do your stuff behind camera so it’s understandable that you get nervous speaking. I love your movies & my 7 year old son is addicted to transformers, he has watched your version & Trust me he loves the effects & knows to no copy the violence.. I desensitized him at an early age & explained what’s real & what’s not. You are doing an awesome job. Thank you !

    • SalarymaninSeoul

      You have failed as a parent if your kid loves Bay’s Transformers. Show him the real Transformers.

      • GC

        Mr Salarymanin Seoul:
        You are a very bitter person

  • http://www.kindredtechnology.com/ Kenley

    Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Its all Good Michael. Keep Calm and Carry on!

  • Tom Burkart

    yea, pls do not sweat it, chief. CES… ahh.. all those shows. there’s no oxygen in those civic centers. #chinup hey did you like my Hound articles on Car Revs Daily? i also really like some of osh kosh trucks heavy equipment. and the argosy!!!

  • Augie Romero

    lol, yeah you did, and its all over the internet like wildfire. Michael we love you anyways. It just goes to show you that, yes, you are human like the rest of us. And for that, its truly a sign of someone humble. I take it your such a perfectionist, that one little mistake is a huge thing for you, which I can totally understand, and its not like you can redo this scene again. SPEED-ACTION-SHOOT, oops lets try that again, lol. Take care Michael, from your fans in Bellflower, CA.

    • SalarymaninSeoul

      All of his movies were mistakes

  • Janelle Maree Johnston

    As a coach that trains speakers, I experience many people who have amazing talent, experience & knowledge in their field but often can stumble when it comes to presenting sometimes. I love how you have embraced vulnerability with your post and it is great to see you overcome this learning experience by getting out there and presenting again. Many people can judge others easily, particularly in Senior positions, without ever having to get up and do the exact thing that they are judging themselves. Onwards and upwards I say.

    • BillPosters

      That is so painfully supportive as to be unconstructive. Nauseatingly positive. No doubt from the speaker training textbook. How about some honesty? Honestly, walking off stage like he did was rude and unprofessional, especially just after announcing that he would “wing it”. He could have said just about anything after that point, and nobody would have judged him poorly because he stuck with it. But he walked off. The big time crappy movie director walked off because his mind went blank when asked about his own movies. He’s not a high school kid who needs sensitive motherly advice. He’s a grown man who needs to be told the truth.

  • jyoti_0

    Why embarrassed? You achieved your goal of creating “awareness” about yourself and the product you were supporting :) I hadn’t heard of your name till yesterday, but yours was the first video I saw on news about CES, found it nothing special but enjoyed all the media hype surrounding it. You are trending world wide! Actually, you saved Samsung billions in advertising budget. If I were you, I would be celebrating this success!!

    • SalarymaninSeoul

      You never heard of the worst movies on the planet?

      • hilarie lang

        I had heard of the movies but still had no idea who Michael Bay is. Still don’t actually. The myth of the Director is like the myth of the Conductor wrt symphonies. I just watch movies, and not credits, and not his. But his reaction to having the spotlight during a stupid, derivative (see: Apple) hype session seems normal. Except for being there in the first place. Which is easily explained by mountains of Samsung money. Not normal and fuck him.

  • Fog

    It is often the case that those possessed of artistic genius and mastery of the sublime are overwhelmed in their sensitivities when confronted with live human beings.

  • Ricky

    It’s alright mr., we know how you feel (been there done that, not quite that public but sort of) and personally got me interested in the product. Some of us might like you much better even, not because your thing went down but because we know of your sincerity now.

    • BillPosters

      You’re right. He choked like a talentless, sincere retard.

  • gaffman

    I’ve just attended a sixteen year old kid’s funeral who died way too young in ski holiday avalanche. His life has ended there… So we have to put things into perspective. What you’ve done might have been embarrassing but far from been lethal. And you’ve achieved so much already with your movies (whether we like them or not is another story) so ignore all the negative comments and use all the constructive ones. You have plenty of time to do better next time! Good luck.

    • BillPosters

      Bay is not reading your comments! Stop addressing him as if he is. And in the unlikely event that he is reading these comments… Michael, your movies are all crap, so I completely understand that you choked on stage when you had to talk about your movies as if they weren’t crap. Anyone who says “great movie, nice work” is lying.

  • C.S. Bailey

    So Michael Bay had a chance to talk about something that he really enjoys in front of a lot of people, screwed up, knew he screwed up, felt embarrassed, and left the stage???? But, but, that sounds like something that happens to normal people at times……

    NOT A DIG TOWARDS MICHAEL BAY…… More of a statement I hope will be seen by certain sites that had the video up with a headline about MB “freaking out” on stage. I’m thinking he goes off on an audience member over heckling or a question, and it turns out to just be a slight case of the jitters.

  • Fridge Jug

    Don’t be embarrassed Michael, we understand. It’s easy to panic when there’s nothing exploding around you.

    • BillPosters

      “we understand”? Please speak for yourself. I don’t understand how a big time director can choke without a teleprompter when all he was asked about was his own movies. It was rude of him to leave the stage, he should have stayed and said a few more words, at the very least “I’m excited to see how my movies look on this new TV.”

  • Joey

    so why didn’t you wait a couple seconds for them to fix the prompter? lol

  • secao1.blogspot.com


  • http://www.webmagazin.co/ Rıza Selçuk Saydam

    don’t worry about that, you always rock!

  • Cindy-M Waterfield

    You did what you thought was right for you at the time. A lot of others in your situation have not had the courage to walk off but instead stayed, thinking they could ‘wing it’ but instead made a fool of themselves. Better to do what you did than loose your career for the sake of ‘winging it’.

    • Chris Wielink

      Not that he would’ve lost his career anyways ^^ even if he stayed. I kinda have to dissagree that walking off is the more couragous thing to do… Seems te be more like walking away from a problem. Staying in this case would’ve been braver, not saying anything on wether or not it would’ve worked out.

      • Cindy-M Waterfield

        Unfortunately we don’t know the whole background and neither has Michael alluded to it either, but it has been well documented of people destroying their multimillion organisations virtually overnight just by saying the wrong thing during a presentation. I agree with you that his actions can be seen to be as walking away from a problem but now we will never know what would have happened if he had stayed.

        • Chris Wielink

          I know public relations and apearances are important for image and ultimately how well your work will do in the market, but destroying something overnight is almost never the case. Usually in the cases I think you might be referring to, the last public apearance might’ve been the last drop of a slowly degrading image. That doesn’t mean i’m completely dismissing the possibility, but i would like an example.

  • http://www.cono.rs/ Conor

    Still love your movies. Best being awesome at delivering content, rather than impressive talks.

  • Chris Wielink

    Glad you yourself admit you screwed up. I personally hate pressenting anything in front of crowds, so i can totally relate. Good of you that you didn’t resolve to blaming something/ someone else, though.

  • Carl Stevens

    It’s all good. We all get excited and nervous on stage. Reset and get ready for take two next time.

  • Tony Twistares

    I believe I got you figured out after reading Puzo’s “Fools Die”. You make schlock for a living and now you’ve suddenly got pretenses of being an artist selling out on stage. Get real. Your talent is not Talent as you idealize it.

    • chubbycheese

      If only the world had to follow the Thumper rule. What a wonderful world it would be.

  • http://www.nelsoncarvalheiro.com/blog Nelson Carvalheiro

    Dont worry about it! It can happen to everyone! Keep up the good work!

  • Ben

    I wouldn’t worry about it Mr Bay, You movies kick ass and that’s what we love you for !!

    If I had seen a curved tv for the first time i would have been speechless too, :D

    Ps, my bday is on the 27th of June, Any chance I can get some special tickets to TF4


  • Ben

    Ok this is what i think went through your head

    “um i make movies that take so much doing to put them all together and you guys cant work a damn teleprompter”

    “Wing it, nah bugger that im outa here”

    Ps, Still havent heard from you about those bday tickets Mr Bay ;D

  • GC

    Michael, ignore the cyber punks who love to take a swing. Anyone who says they have not crashed once giving a presentation is either a liar or very conceited.
    Good luck next time. Glenn

    • BillPosters

      No, Michael, please don’t ignore the cyber punks, they speak the truth. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but everyone hates your movies. They might say to your face, on set, and in the industry that they like them, but when you’re out of the room they’re shaking their heads wondering why such a steaming pile of crap that you call a movie, ever makes money. The answer is of course that fans of your movies don’t know what quality film making is yet, they don’t know any better. When they grow up, of course, they will unlike you.. but there’s always new braindead kids to take their place.

  • Michael Connolly

    Please, your Resume of Success speaks for itself, if you anoint this product as being worthy of your films, then we shall buy. Perfection on screen takes months of editing, and we will all have a chance to see that w/Transformers & TMNT next summer. We don’t need to hear about how going “live wasn’t your thing,” or how baseball wasn’t Jordan’s thing, or how De Niro shouldn’t have made Rocky & Bullwinkle. It doesn’t diminish what you bring to us as fans, or what you were put on this earth to do…make amazing films! With that said, let’s bring Bad Boys back, and this time let the cops take your car!

  • Luke Neel

    Don’t give up on live presentations Michael. It can happen to anyone. Do however learn from it and a good plan B is cue cards in your jacket pocket. Tech often lets us down in those situations and one line on a cue card (people would forgive you pulling these out on stage as long as you don’t simply read them) can help spark a whole memory chain where you feel confident talking at length about each one line reminder. Give it a go next time and perhaps even make a little joke at the beginning to ease the tension about this time. Good luck

  • ShocksAway

    As someone who presents and writes presentations for people every day, I’d say this is utterly inexcusable. Even if he were cripplingly nervous (and I don’t believe he was), just 30 minutes of preparation would have prevented this flop.
    MB demonstrates a singular contempt for the audience, just like he does in his day job.

  • freedomj

    That’s ok Michael anyone new to the big stage could fumble. No one can blame you for that as you were not used to public speaking. Your works are awesome and I have all the Transformer’s installment in digital copy and blueray disc. The new Samsung curved TV you are endorsing has a lot of potential in the HT and Household consumer product. Keep it up and I’m looking forward to more tech. advanced films from your creative mind.

  • Ian Russell

    Don’t sweat it Mr Bay. Stuff happens. You’ve achieved a great deal and this won’t hurt you at all. In fact, you’re providing a welcome reminder that we all mess up sometimes… but it’s ok!

  • Riaz Shah

    These things happen to the most experienced of live show presenters. I wouldn’t worry – your slip up gave Samsung and its new TV plenty of publicity!

  • http://sarcasticgamer.com Doc Adams

    Rehearsals FTW. It happens man

  • John Freeman

    Are you people serious? This guy is a complete idiot. How are you a major motion picture director if you can’t stand up for 5 minutes and speak words?

    • ErickSmith

      Most people in the world are more scared of public speaking than they are of their own death.

  • Kurt

    If I’m Samsung, I’m looking for a refund. My clients certainly wouldn’t accept complete failure. I’d love to know if they actually paid him for that flop and drop…

    • http://www.desireroberts.com/ Désiré Roberts

      Actually, you’re asking someone who works behind a camera to speak in front of one. That alone is nerve wrenching. What is more shocking that at an event as large as this, the prompter went down. THAT is what people should be talking about, not the fact that he has stage fright.

    • Scott Kavanagh

      On the surface it seems as though Samsung was at the short end of the stick. However, I guarantee if Michael’s performance went flawlessly, almost nobody would have seen this video from CES thus not having any idea that Samsung even had a curved 105 inch TV. Being remarkable is one of the single most important requirements to good marketing and this instance was certainly remarkable.

  • ScottRobinett

    I’m speechless at the Samsung Curved 105-inch UHD TV, and maybe that’s the point…..

  • Tim Vickery

    It was still a better performance that Transformers 1, 2, and 3.

  • Karen Lopes Graves

    “But I’m doing a special curved screen experience with Samsung and Transformers 4 footage that will be traveling around the world.” So does this mean you have to do more of these? Your genius is being behind the camera so getting in front must be a huge leap for you. Consider this: What can you do to surpass the need for a teleprompter? How can you get comfortable on the stage? It’s a learning curve, but you can do it. Good luck.

  • Karen Lopes Graves

    And here’s another point to consider, what if he prepared too much? What if to get through it he actually only planned what he was going to say? When his planned words are gone, speaking from the heart is almost impossible. You can over prepare as a speaker too so for those who are speaking “experts” telling people to practice and prepare isn’t enough. Helping them to connect to what they are saying so they feel natural is way more important. The goal is to get someone to not rely on a teleprompter.

    • Mike Lucks

      I’m going to share this comment with your permission. This is something I relate to as I have a close colleague who thinks planning every word is the way to go. I’m an actor, so very much agree with you.

      • Karen Lopes Graves

        Absolutely, Mike. Please do.

  • Nematocyte

    I suffer from extreme performance and social anxiety, so assuming Michael Bay had a similar issue to what I experience on a regular basis, I almost felt reassured in that this can afflict even the most successful of people.

    Michael Bay will likely never read this but the episode he experienced has given people like me strength and courage to know we aren’t alone.

  • Barry James McLoughlin

    Michael, don’t let this get to you. As someone who coaches execs, I know you can turn this right around next time. A little humor poking fun at yourself. Just watch how people will respond. They’ll love it!

  • Jeffrey Lee

    Don’t sweat it Michael. Just remember to imagine the huge crowd naked in CG with flames and explosions all over the place.

  • Drew Davis

    The CES clip just inspired me with some real-world catharsis. Our heroes are human… more like us than we often imagine. #ThanksMichael

  • http://www.trancefish.de/ Marc Shake

    Finally, you Sir, proved you’re just a human like everybody else.

  • Robert Dautov

    Don’t worry! Ability to talk long and meaningless is not cool thing. Cool thing is ability to create something great. And we are proud of you because you are creating exciting films.

  • Jocelyn Strob Simard

    Michael, you have all my sympathy!! I hope you will laugh of that one one day. It can happen to anyone. Everyone who got a panic attack in their life knows it. I don’t know if you had this or it was just some other thing happening. But this is normal and human. It happens sometimes. The result here is that everyone is talking about Samsung new product at he same time! so that was the goal!

  • Rucolo

    A famous artist does not how to talk about their work without help ?
    Is worrying. Take it easy.

  • Ryan Hackett

    No problem Michael. Everybody makes mistakes.

  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

    lol…this will go down on internet history:)

  • http://www.miguelmota.com/ Miguel Mota

    I feel ya, public speaking is not for everyone.

  • Jeff Tronti

    I only felt ok laughing because I considered that you audition starlets by having them wash your car. So seeing you with a little performance anxiety seems to have a hint of irony. But don’t be embarrassed. It happens to the best as I’m sure you’re aware.

  • http://www.realtruck.com/ Scott Bintz

    Perhaps you will get way more “natural” PR for this hot new product. Charge on!

  • Marjorie

    What a kind lot of folks you are. I dont know Michael Bay – maybe because I live in the UK – but was hit by the generosity of spirit you all supported him with.