Han Geng

He’s one of Asia’s top stars in the worlds of music, television and movies and has become one of the most influential entertainers in China.

Now he’ll also be known for Transformers 4. Welcome Han Geng to the cast of Transformers 4. – Michael Bay

  • ♔ 빅토리아 ♔


  • d e n 바 보

    I’m proud of you Hangeng gege~! I’ll pray that Transformers 4 will be a success. =) Hwaiting! Jaiyou! #ELF

  • Cyrielle

    Awesome ! I’m excited ! FIGHTING !! Can’t wait >3< Waiting from France #ELF

  • Yana Finaeva

    Wooow!! Hangeng! Fighting!! #ELF

  • EJu Cloud ELF

    Oppa ! I’m proud of You ! ELFs are proud of You ! SUPER JUNIOR HANGENG ! I hope you comeback with SUPER JUNIOR ! SUPER JUNIOR and ELF need You !Oppa Hangeng ! ELFs miss You so much ! You will turn to super junior right?

  • EunLoveForever

    DAEBAKK!!!!! I dont watch Transformer but im excited too see Hangeng in this movie!! DAEBAKKK HANGENG JJA YO!!

  • Dizzy Chan

    opppaaaa!!!! i’m so proud of youuu.. :*

  • Jen Mallari

    Hangeng oppa…we #ELF are so proud of you….Fighting!!!!!!!

  • ‘נαиє-кωσи’

    WooooW! Hangeng! FIGHTING! <3

  • weiting

    #hangengtransformers4 so proud of you~!!

  • 일라이다 ♥◡♥ {로시 민}

    omg i’m so proud proud proud of you my @realhangeng :) !!!

  • .♥Lyd ♥.

    OMG im so happy!! Han Geng woaaa!!!

  • tolenah

    our HanGeng ♥♥♥

  • farras profilia

    DAEBAK!!! i will waiting to see you in “Transformers 4″ #applous :D
    Hangeng-gege you’re so amazing…. ;D
    i will support you… FIGHTING!!!! (^-^)/

  • darsis


    Definately going to watch this movie now!! :D

  • rya

    hangeng oppa,, we ELF so proud of you,, fighting oppa,, miss u ^^

  • ♬~Dan~♬ ♥

    OMG Since when u’ve become this famous my dear? T_T Im lack of info since u back to China. OMG. Fighting!

  • 일라이다 ♥◡♥ {로시 민}

    i know his character wouldnt be very important but please this is a precious chance for him and for us to be once again proud of him so please please please don’t cut too many scenes of Hangeng :( I don’t want Transformers 4 to be another version of Iron man 3 ~~~

  • 에밀리

    So proud of you Hangeng!

  • Nazla Yanagi Asqueena

    Dae to the Bak oppa!!! I’m really proud of you….

  • Rhea Aspril

    i’m proud of you oppa…
    fighting oppa!!!
    i miss you oppa..

  • Alice Elf

    Hankyung oppa :’)
    We ELFs are so proud of you .
    We all miss you so please come back to Super Junior ^__^


    proud of you
    Hangeng oppa
    ELF really miss you
    congrs oppa

  • Fitri Wulansari

    proud of you ge!!ELFs are so proud of you^^

  • fery

    OMG!!! proud of u Han gege #LOVE u’ll be next star :D
    we ELF so happy and pray always for u :) missed u Hankyung oppa :)

  • 마리셀라

    Wow! So amazing. Can’t wait to see him on the big screen :)

  • Kpopkimi Chan

    one of the best moves you could have ever made. He is a stunning singer, a fantastic actor, protective and loving to his fans, and a VERY humble person. seriously cannot wait to see the movie, and i hope you give him LOTS of airing time, as he truely deserves it!

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  • Yến Hyukhae

    We miss you…We love you…We proud you…Baby try !!! We always here

  • ยืนนั่งอย่างละวัน^ㅈ^

    Hangeng oppa♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


    i’m so proud of you hangeng oppa …
    we ELF miss so much …
    we always support you … FIGHTING :)

  • 김 리아

    Hangeng opaa hwaa proud proud proud!!! :*

  • EverLastingFriends

    Continue to work Hangeng Oppa, I, GengFans, and ELF will continue to support you
    Transformers 4 when it will be aired? when it will be aired in INDONESIA? I’ll be waiting

    Excited to keep working and keep Hangeng Oppa

    I miss you

  • Lee Eunhyuk

    Hangeng♥ Fighting..♥ Tienes ELF en todos los Paises..Que te apoyaran…♥ Baby♥ Iremos muchas personas a esa premiere..Ya que estaras tu♥ *-* asdasdasd!! Los cines estaran repletos de ELF♥ Para apoyarte…♥ Chinito demostraste mas de lo que tienes..TE FELICITO♥ TE AMO♥HANGENG♥ TU PUEDES♥!!!!!!

  • angelique alconera

    wow!! gooooo hangeng!!!!

  • HK GF 32175


  • Camila Traesel

    HANGENG OPPA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU

  • Gengthai

    We love Transformers but Hangeng make us even more looking forward to it >< Thank you for giving him a chance.

  • daewife

    I’m not the biggest fan from Transformer but ….YES HANGENG! ♥


    Look forward to your performance!! Fighting!!

  • epoldcle
  • Missy -chan


  • Ziyu

    Cannot wait to see the movie! Hope you give him more airing time, thanks a lot!

  • Lidya Lee

    Gengfans love you :) you are so good~ I’m looking forward !

  • Sợi Dây Đàn

    OMG!!!! so pround of you I dont like Transformer, but I’ll go to cinemato see this film for you!!!!

  • 소희 박

    경아♥ 축하해ㅠㅜ♥ 영화 기대할께 사랑해♥♥♥

  • Rumi mye 루미

    congrat gege…..i’m happy for you. love you gege…..

  • Janu Kariyawasam

    Oppa!!! We are so proud of you!!
    It’s so good to see you shining like this!!
    All us ELF s are proud of you..!!
    We’ll support you forever!!
    <3 <3 <3

  • sarah

    sooooooooooooo cool!!!!! i love hangeng

  • nia siagian

    hangeng gege or hankyung oppa.. we ELFall always proud of you.. fighting oppa.. we all miss you..

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  • one_nee

    DAEBAK!!! HanGeng, u made a right choice by living SM!!! WOW!!! look at how high you are flying now!!!

    • Rin Sooki


      • one_nee

        lol.. thx u! i didnt even realise it! lol

  • Pinasthika AR

    oppa, we are ELF proud, miss, love you. :’)

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  • Yi-Hsuan

    proud of you! hangeng! :)

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  • Ben Warner

    I guess leaving SM was a great move for him :)

  • Alexdra

    wow, hangeng! looking forward to see him in Transformer

  • Alexdra

    like hangeng. I can see him in US cinema, yeah

  • EunHae

    ELF are so proud of you Hangeng Oppa \^o^//
    We love you <3333333

  • Stefany Falcón

    DAEBAK! HanGeng Oppa, ELF’s are so proud of you. Fighting! ♥ ^^

  • JOgel Lo

    oppa,so proud of you:)and just want to say fighting^^

  • E.L.F

    oppa fightiiiing
    proud of you hangeng oppa

  • rawan

    Congrats oppa we ELF’s are proud of you , fighting. ^^

  • April Sowell

    Hangeng oppa!!! I’m so proud of you, and can’t wait to see your performance! Congratulations! FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Val En Ciel

    OMG… such good news!! I will go to see the movie several times with my ELF friends *O*
    I’m so proud of you Hannie <3 Kisses from Argentina <3

  • Niko

    yay hangeng! woohooooooooo

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  • Tùy Phong Phi Dương

    Geng thiếu gia, fighting!!!
    we proud of you ^^

  • ♔Aiden BeneDicta

    Oh My Jesus…Wow… incredible!!!! Oppa fighting!!

  • HandKda Wong

    Hangeng Jia you!Looking forward for your acting!!!!!

  • ezacas .

    Congratulations!!!! oppa >/////<, fighting :3, God bless you & greetings from Mexico ♥

  • TVXQ ♔

    I’m so proud of you, my Hangeng. I wish you all the best and I’m definitely watching this because of you. Much loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <333

  • Rin Sooki

    OMG this is so cool. I’m gonna watch Transformer 4
    I haven’t really watched 2 and 3 though, but whatever xD

  • Mayra Alexandra


    I’m so proud!

    You deserve it!!!


  • Aide Echavarria

    Congrats 哥!! I wish you luck on this project! And when the movie comes out, i’ll definitely watch it and support you and the work of the cast^^

  • Brigghit Caceres

    So proud of you Hangeng!!!!

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  • Yuuki

    I’m so proud of you!!! You’re so Great!!! ELF will be always standing with you!!

  • Laura Gabriela

    OMG oppa ! Congrats oppa, will go see the movie if you’re in it too XD

  • Draconifors

    Congratulations Geng! He never could have done this while under SM. I am so proud of him for finding the strength to leave, because he has reached levels he never could have reached before.

    Also, all of you hoping he comes back to Super Junior are both deluded and insensitive. SJ is a part of his past, not a part of his future. I for one hope he never goes back.

  • Luan Kazehaya

    Oh my God you are so damn cute….So happy for you baby!!! Fighting!!!

  • WonGeng

    im speechless!! so proud of you Hangeng!! You r the best!!

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  • billiondollarbabe

    OMG!! Hangeng congrats!! I’ll wait with big excitemend till it’s out and watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Wicked

    Always wishing you the best and I am so looking forward to going to the theaters and watching this movie now (^__^)/

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  • Taeng Trairat

    OMG <3 Hangeng oppa fighting _ ( ^ o ^ ) _

  • Gretta

    Congrats Hangeng gege~! I can’t wait to see you in the movie! ^^

    • Vyronkaza

      Congrat oppa !! I’m excited for u!! but my wish still want u back as SJ member again. I wanna see u guy on the stage together :) Fighting!!

  • Luffy


  • Sàáh Merone

    Hangeng oppa, I’m very proud you deserve. FOREVER ONLY15 <3

  • Mai

    Hangeng… Que EMOCIOOON!!! ELF te apoyara siempre…. ^^

  • ¡Gérika!

    Hangeng *W* QUE EMOCIÓN*W* Mi chino hermoso*W* fighting:3

  • mish

    Oh yes! thank you, Michael. Now we can finally watch Han Geng in US IMAX theaters! Michael, he is so beautiful in person. Many photos do not do him justice. Please try your best to show his beauty on the screen. Thank you!

  • butt

    Congrats Hangeng oppa! Im so proud of you! Even though i dont like transformers very much i cant wait until the new one comes out and i’ll be able to see you in theaters!

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  • Marielle López Fuentes


  • Cɘcιlia ✌ ϟ

    Your wings are strong! Your heart is strong! You’re a warrior!
    Gengfan will be forever with you! ELF love you forever!

    We’re so excited, so happy! ♥


  • Julieta Pantaleo

    OMG, HANGENG EN TRANSFORMERS 4!!!! muerooooooooo *o* vamos chinito hermosooooooo, te apoyamos desde Argentina :D

  • ieqahahaha

    OMG! Congrats oppa! im really looking forward to this :) ELF will always support u <3 we r so proud of u! I guess SJ members will be proud of u too :') Hangeng gege Fighting! ^^

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  • 88WT~♡

    Oppa!! I’m very proud of you! =)

  • Maritxa Kirei Chan

    I can’t wait for this *-* <3 Hangeng the best! I love you so much!!!

    I'm so proud!

  • Omykrisus O

    I’m so proud and happy for Hangeng!!!

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  • Letícia


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  • Mitzi Ramírez

    OOoooooh debak Hangeng :’) i´m feel very excited and proud for our prince chinese.. Hangeng in Transformer is a excellent opción!!

  • prefer HG

    Hangeng, falling in love with I‘m proud .

  • prefer HG

    We have been ——Geng Fan

  • prefer HG

    Come on ! mao qin ,we have been .we all veryproud of you.You are the best.

  • Cαtt♡

    Genggg, congratulations♥ . After everything at what long-suffering bundle looks to where you have come, Hollywood. Happiness carries to extremes

  • rainoxide

    a proud ELF here. Han Geng, JIA YOU! ♥

  • Alexdra

    I am looking forward to see you – HanGeng in US cinema – Transformers 4.

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  • Emma Zhang

    Looking forward to it!!! ELF is proud of you!!! Hangeng Gege Hwaiting!

  • Lei Lin

    韩庚,加油!期待你的电影!!!So so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FallenAngel

    I love Transformers even more now !!!

    Daebak Han Geng oppa !!!

    Much love from Sri Lanka <3

  • OT4*5


  • Hannie209 .

    ‘am so delighted you had a cooperation with Hannie.. he’s a great and exquisite actor

  • Lohani Kim Va

    me encanta oppaa verte triunfarrrrrr

  • Lohani Kim Va

    tee amoo opaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anne Lee

    Heechul gonna watch this><

  • Hannie209 .

    Dear director, china can neither get onto facebook nor twitter, can you make a weibo account^^(some sort like chinese twitter)

  • disqus_7V5aFBi6TD

    One more step for our beloved Han Geng into becoming the HUGE star he was meant to be since day 1 <3 ELF more proud than ever of our Chinaman gege, Han Geng Fighting! *Forever15*

  • Lohani Kim Va

    ooppaa chukaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tania ♫ 슈주 타니아 ♫ タニア

    Han Geng oppa!! :o is a new phase of your life … Enter the world of the big screen as cinema in hollywood …. all ELF’s oppa we are very, very proud of you … I know you’ll do well … . largest in that picture you look, the villain of the movie hahaha … is a joke … hangeng oppa is the best! 运气!! ^^


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  • Tania

    URUGUAY loves Hangeng! ^^ Im so proud of you! :)

  • Kim Chae Ni

    omg~!! must watch~!!!

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  • VVRamon

    Do I smell a movie with good story and great actors?

    Can’t wait to see the movie. It would be so awesome, if you could do a movie diary like Peter Jackson for the hobbit. Speak about the movie, the locations, the production, behind the scenes, how they create the visuals and so on.

    By the way, will ILM make the CGIs again?

  • yannylu

    hangeng i love u!

  • Sixth Gun

    I’m such a proud ELF ;w;
    Congrats Hangeng!!
    I’ll be watching this for sure x3

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  • Han Lulu

    ~(≧▽≦)/~ ~(≧▽≦)/~ ~(≧▽≦)/~

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  • Lee Honey

    Wow *Q*
    Hangeng fighting!

  • Faye

    so so great!!!! I’m really excited!!! I am a Gengfan and I’m sure I’ll be a fan of Transformer!!! Oh god I cannot calm down!!!!!

  • anna

    Han Geng oppa fighting! I love you so much and I’m so proud of you. I miss you so much! I hope you maken SM regret for what they did. And no matter what you do ELF will support you for ever, we love you!

  • gengfan

    hangeng is so cool!

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  • waiyan888

    6/27/2014??? I want to see this movie next month!!! Be patient…. be patient….

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  • hangeng(한경)별을보다

    支持韩庚!加油!韩国粉丝都是还跟在韩庚身边♡ 한경 화이팅ㅎㅎ..

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  • Teresa Arumsekar

    gengbao so proud of you!! ♡♡♡♡♡ FROM ELF ♡♡♡♡♡

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  • Ada Zhu

    Hope his part goona be big!!

  • Haru Ar

    awwww i’m really happy for him!! <3 <3 hangen fighting!! we ELF so proud of you

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  • Evelyn Mateo

    This is way too awesome!!! :D

  • Evelyn Mateo

    Han Geng!! You are a great musician, actor and most of all a great person!! <3
    Hope the best for you and this movie..

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  • Smile Hg

    HanGeng dream is to be an actor and to act in this huge films is one Great oppurtunity! Gengfans are proud of you HG & Michael Bay Thanks for giving HG a chance to cast on your films, from Gengfans & Transformer fans ^_^

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  • jane

    like Transformers, Han Geng add a plus! definitely will see this movie in the cinema.

  • Dan HeeGeng

    geng geng is great !thank you


  • Levi

    I’m sooooooo looking forward to TF4 and han geng’s preformance. I believe han won’t disappoint us.

  • peter

    megan fox plisssssssssss

  • aki

    oh well, i really, really dont like films like that, but i guess ill have to go watch it if he gets enough screentime.

    good thing that hollywood wants to raise its popularity in china, at least that leads to actually good looking guys being casted for once; and moreover asian actors getting a shot at big roles.

  • Judith

    hangeng you deserve this!!!! I’m very proud of you, Latinoamerica are always supporting you too :)
    te queremos mucho!!!!!! no lo olvides :)

  • Sasami

    As ELF and Gengfan… I’m very happy and proud of Hangeng… he is a very talented man with a beautiful heart ♥ Jiayou Oppa…!!!

  • MissHana

    So proud of you ge ge <3

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  • valerinist

    Quite anticipate movie Transformer 4 with actor Hangeng in it ~

  • Stephanie Rodriguez

    Thank you Michael Bay.
    I feel elated!
    Will support the film, and Hangeng, to the fullest!


    Hangeng oppa.. I will become a fan of the movie because of you.

    I remember watching u for the 1st time with your brothers on “Full House” and “Intimate Note” as an ELF i will support u forever, I still and always B13LIEVE.

    I am so proud of u. You really deserve it.

    Lots of love from South America

  • hangengfan

    omg!!! hangeng, gengfans are so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 你猜吧- -

    I wonder if the next actress is Fan Bingbing……personally I like her better than Li Bingbing……I’m so excited and I hope there will be more movies with Chinese actors/actresses that have scenes in China!韩庚我会告诉你你是我们班班长的男神!而且你在我们英语报纸上出现过!

  • Imfeelyoung

    Not a fan for SUPERJUNIOR or such but been a fan of Hangeng since his acting with my favourite Bruneian idol, WuChun ‘Prince of Brunei’… also a fan of Transformer since the old school cartoon animated transformer decade ago.

  • ELF_jia

    hanggeng oppa fighting!!!!ELF always miss you

  • ELF_TFCrystal

    Hangeng gege, fighting! we support u and proud of u!

  • Hyukmin.ELF

    han geng oppa congratulation!!
    ELF are Miss you a lot :)

  • elf_gladysoiki

    Hangeng oppa

    ELFs are so proud of you also we miss you s

    oppa fighting!!!!

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  • Ridge Wildharber

    Never heard of this guy……….

  • I ო JYJო

    OMG :O, when I read it I could not belive it. This is awesomeeeee!! So happy to see Hangeng on the big screen!

  • Bee Michelle

    People, stop bringing Super Junior into this. Hangeng is no longer part of the group since 2009 so just stop. It’s just bringing embarasment and unwanted memories for both parties involved. And don’t call him “oppa’ anymore either. He’s not Korean and he isn’t living in Korea anymore.

    • Bee Michelle

      All I’m saying is: to all you ELFs out there, please respect Han Geng’s dignity to be as his own individual person and not a part of any pop group anymore. Leave the past where it is. I’m sure Han Geng is an outstanding person on his own. And I’m certain that he wouldn’t like to be reminded of the past again and again. Give him some personal credibility as his own individual.

  • Misa·L

    Hankyung oppa, u really make ELF proud. Fighting!Congrats oppa!

  • atrn38 37

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAN GENG
    we all miss hanchul’s smiles

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  • 바리사

    Hangeng oppa~ <3 ELFs still love you~~ Fighting!! <3

  • MaJo VaRgAs ViGo


  • Alexdra

    Looking forward to seeing HanGeng