Bumblebee 2014 Concept Camaro

Trumpets please . . . Bumblebee, a 2014 Concept Camaro! . . . the final jewel in the Transformers 4 crown. High resolution image: http://bayhem.com/18tH0jv

  • Alfonso

    hahahahahahaha… speculations about the old camaro andf Bay’s misleading campaign in 3, 2, 1…

  • Oswaldo Bedoya Vela

    Awesome Mr. Bay, now that´s a Bumblebee !!!

  • Oscar Adrian Fuentes

    simplemente hermoso

    • Javier Ayelli

      simplemente ESPANTOSO… Me quedo con mi 2SS 2010 sin dudarlo.

  • Joseph Uy Huang Jr.

    I like Bumblebee but he already shined enough on 3 movies give the new cast of characters to shine and less Bumblebee.

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  • Maurice Stewart

    Where’s Hot Rod?

    • Ridge Wildharber


      • GRIMLOCK a.k.a Jorge

        i agree with you hot rod is a jerk, he stole seasons from Optimus and he wasnt nearly as awesome as Optimus

  • Mark

    what? and the camaro vintage SS 1967?

  • http://www.apeironet.it/ Endternity

    Great news! Camaro is the Law!

  • Joseph Uy Huang Jr.

    Pls give those new cast do more decepto ass whooping and less BB and no more guardian thing either.

    • salah

      micheal or someone say that they make bumblebee from a gardien to be the new leader of the autobot i wish he will stay leader

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  • Kanishka De Silva

    I admit, I did not see this coming! There is one problem with this car though, the lights on the front and back of this car is ugly as!! It looks like it is suffering from ‘Normal Camaro Lights’ (NCL) syndrome!

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  • Curt


    • Roman

      how about if u want to kill bumblebee just dont watch the fourth movie

      • salah

        if he want bumblebee to die so he don’t have to wach the movie

    • Rigers Zalli


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  • Decepticon

    please Michael…bring back his arch nemesis…DECEPTICON BARRICADE…

    • salah

      yeah but barricade diead in the third movie by the nest snipers

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  • Such heroic nonsense

    *in sarcasm tone* wow…..looks amazing. AGAIN MICHAEL?!?! There are only very subtle and minor changes from the camaro on the other transformers movies. I was more excited with the idea of using the 1967 camaro that i thought was gonna represent bumblebee in the new film. Let me tell you what the die-hard transformers fans would love to see……….First, we all know the day and age that we live in and understand that using the POS cars on the transformers cartoons will not fly; however, the idea that you should put in place is when the autobots and decepticons hit the earth for the first time, they should all fall in an area (such as junk yard, warehouse, hangar) receving the blue prints of their first vehicle/transporation that represents all the old school comics/cartoons transformers! Then as the movie progresses have them convert to something a little more badass with todays technology! I hope that some time in the future, someone will use this concept as this will make a lot of the diehard transformers fans finally happy! Us die hard fans really care about the story and concept of what makes tranformers………..please dont stray away from this to make hollywood happy.

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  • Kudos

    awesome awesome awesome now that is a camaro.

  • Kudos

    beautiful beautiful michael bay is an artist he really had me fooled with that old camaro. wanted to sue him. good that he read my mind or i would not have seen the movie out of ignorance or patience to see michael’s ideas bloom

  • Curt

    Mr Bay why not shock us all and kill that yellow mute bastard ? Put sam in the car with him and crush the shit out of it or space bridge them into space and zoom in as sam imploads and BB floats off into outer space never to be seen again.. THE END!!! now that I would pay to see, if not ill just download a bootleg lol

    • salah

      i think that you don’t love bumblebee but he is sexy and the new leader of the autobot so he don’t have to die

  • Kudos

    bumblebee is like one of the main transformers cast so you can not kill him off. long live bumblebee!!!

    • salah

      that’s true bumblebee and optimus are the main

    • Curt


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  • Michael Alex Kawa

    Very cool looking ,but what was with the whole 1967 Camaro ,is there going to be a part that takes part in the past ?? I ask that because of that old white Semi seen on set ,and a rumor that I heard ,but I will say no more as I don’t believe in rumors .

  • http://www.outshineadventure.com/ Trekking In nepal

    Sexy design i love it

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  • Nathangarcia

    joseph ur wrong its fine bumblebees 1 of the main characters

  • Lera

    Terrible car! Return the old Camaro *^*

  • Paul Moore

    What does M.Bay think he’s doing? A completely new human cast, possibly no ratchet or sideswipe, no Dino/Mirage. He has left himself with a lot of explaining to do. If he is able to make this a good movie he will have my praise. But at this rate, T4 is not going to work.

  • Conor Lees

    Great alt mode choices Michael, your really giving this your all aren’t you, oh and please, please, please give bumblebee a voice this time to be honest it would be a good opening to the film I can imagine it now, spaceship full of new and retro transformers with ratchet fixing bumblebees voice.

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  • Lucas Barron

    something tells me either there was an accident during filming or they are giving him a last minute new look

  • Ben Grubb

    Michael bay I’m dying waiting for a new post when’s it going to happen

  • salah

    mr bay i have a question do the whreckers will be in the fourth movie and
    is there shia labeouf

  • salah

    mr bay how can bumblebee be two cars at same time mean you make him a 2014 concept camaro and a 1967 camaro ss i don’t understand

  • tf4444444

    I like it stop saying he’s shined enough

  • Gustavo

    Would be good for a small part of the film occurs in Uruguay TF4, one Deception least live in Uruguay.

  • Gustavo

    Esta bueno pero este camaro lo ase ver delicado cosa q no le cae biena Bumblebee

  • Wheel jack 1768

    Please add unicron and combaticons / thanks for adding Dino bots

    Add sunstorm is Starscreams clone like thunder craker and sky warp

    Add dirge ramjet all the predacons

  • bradley

    bee is one of the main characters you cant get rid of him :)

  • Jes

    just wondering did chevy change it’s new Camaros to look like this also? or is this just like the one only transformers car?

  • Jonathan Thomas Crist

    Awesome and sweet

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  • dylan waits

    are you kidding me i have been a fan of transformers my whole life and this new camaro you have here is cool but the lights look like sh**. by the way whats wrong with the other camaro anyways. and dont get rid of any autobots you already got rid of ironhide in dark of the moon got rid of mudflap and skids and jazz. why get a new cast isnt shia lebouf, rosie huntington,tyrese gibson, and josh dumeal good enough i mean yyou already pissed off megan fox and made her quit. hasnt bumble bee stole enough spotlight from optimus anyways this all just gets me afraid to watch transformers 4.

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  • dr evil

    Ugly as hell. Doesn’t deserve to be called a Camaro. Front end is goofy.

  • Rigers Zalli

    BEE LOOKS SO COOL WITH THIS CONCEPT.I was very disappointed with the old ss camaro so i REALLY hope to see bee like this in the final movie don`t change it because it`s just AWESOME