Transformers 4 Title Rumors

There are rumors flying around from various media sites about the title of the next Transformers.

I wanted you to hear from me directly that we have not yet chosen a title and anything being reported is absolutely not true.

When we have a title to announce, I promise you will hear it from me first.


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  • Adil

    you bringing any classic characters in?? e.g cliffjumper aerial bots combatacons etc

  • mike

    you are the best michael

  • justin

    please bring back dino please. He is my favorite. And sideswipe. And wreckers. Please it’s all i ask

    • DavyK(GLA)

      Been done, need to move forward with new bots while keeping the obvious main characters (none you have listed) but im just stating the obvious as thats what Mikey B is doing (Mr Bay is so informal and feel he’s a part of my family now with all my other transformers lol)

  • DavyK(GLA)

    It would be awesome if everyone posted what they think the new title should be, would be good to see what comes out of the internet sausage machine.

  • Matthew Tyrrell

    In my own opinion, I think it would be best to leave it to Mr. Bay to make the decisions regarding the film, and that’s including what characters he is interested in featuring. Michael, I may be a bit of a fan of Transformers myself, but I shall let you know that I very much look forward to whatever you will be bringing to the big screen. Also, I must admit that I very much like the designs for the characters and their alternate modes, as well the characters themselves. Although, I’m a little concerned as to why Ratchet and the other survivors of the Battle of Chicago aren’t making a return, but if that’s the decision that you’ve made, that’s perfectly fine! I am excited about the fourth installment, and I shall definitely be seeing it!

    • DavyK(GLA)

      So do it Mikey B style, but bring back ratchet and the others, like your style but its been done now and i want to see more grittier characters. My only criticism of all the films is that there is not more conversation between the transformers about trivial things to make them feel more like a race of indiviauls other than just soldiers, if you know what I mean. The twins kinda done this but maybe went to far in the wrong direction. There are quite a few one liners that try to do this but not sure its enought, just my thoughts. I love all 3 films cant wait for 4, 5 & 6.

  • DavyK(GLA)

    I would love a movie where it was split between earth with Optimus and his team and then with Hot Rod/Rodimus and his team on Cybertron (including Kup). Then they meet to fight a higher being namely Unicron Planet Eater that threatens to destroy earth. Transformers 5 idea…maybe?

    • DavyK(GLA)

      Would have Rodimus’s Team be a rag tag team of commando’s left over from the war fighting there way through decepticions to get to earth to warn Optimus about Unicron.

  • Elijah Amores

    Bring megatron back!

    • DavyK(GLA)

      Move on hes dead, again lol… Galvatron please.

    • Daniel


  • ccsx

    Can’t wait!!

  • David Cruz

    You should have a amazing twist in ending that involved the begining of the movie why and how the allspark was going to cause after autibots destroyed it? Maybe unicron was trying to find it untill now and gets to revive megatron which was thrown in space after the chicago fight.

    • DavyK(GLA)

      Mmm.. Galvatron… like your thinking.

  • Peter Jaukovic

    well if you were a fan of the original cartoon, there are two villains that could be in the next move Galvatron or Unicron

    what would be interesting to see is more of the missive Transformers like Autobot City (metroplex) that transforms in to a massive robot bigger then anyother.
    this movie will be interesting to see, hopefully there is a 5th movie.

    • Rusty

      I see it likely to be Gavaltron. Seeing how Bay likes the concept of Ressurection…

  • keysis

    in transformers 3 did you used a lil piece from the 2005 “island movie”???

  • keysis

    bring back ironhide

  • keysis

    it wont be the w/t shia

  • Daniel

    Attack of the unicron

    • Dan

      how about rise of unicron

  • Daniel


  • Daniel


  • Daniel


  • Ramon Silva

    wanted the jazz trasformers 4 agent wants more of it comes into fights and shots

  • Ramon Silva

    I want to be the villain and Galvatron unicron and has the ultra magnus and vector prime and grvae some scenes in rio de janeiro the Decepticons destroying the Christ the Redeemer

  • fabricio

    anything from transformers G1 season 3 please

  • Camilo Campos Vilugron

    “More Than Meets the Eye” ;)

  • Авраменко Кирилл

    надеюсь что будет на уровне первой части!

  • monkeycrockkid11

    i say it should be…transformers rise of unicron

  • monkeycrockkid11

    not that it should be transformers back to earth

  • tardis

    Trans4mers Exile of the Autobots.

  • Josh

    I`ve got some great drawings of some future transformers for micheal Bay.

  • Ramon Silva

    I want to bay jazz trasformers and 4 ultra magnus and vector prime villain is and who has unicron and Galvatron fight scenes in Rio de Janeiro and has the Sideswipe and Cliffjumper

  • Ramon Silva

    and decepticons I want them to relive again and has new decepticons vortex eos Combaticons and also has the zeta prime and Onslaught and also the prowl and Ironhide I wanted him voltase

  • Moore127

    I have a theory. I call it Galvatron theory. Remember how Megatron died in TF3? Yeah, it seems kinda plausible to me that a new body could be built around a head and spine…
    This is even discounting the possibility of Unicron, which by the way would be AWESOME.

  • Joseph Uy Huang Jr.

    I wish to see the quintessons as the villains since they are their creators hence (The 5 faces of darkness)

  • Brandon

    Transformers Rise of Galvatron Should be the Title for Transformers 4 because,A giant ancient transformer name Unicron comes down to earth and revives Megatron and turns him into Galvatron

  • Bryan Blaylock

    3th 1 sucky and

  • Bryan Blaylock

    3th 1 sucky end

  • Francisco Betancourt

    Please not kill bumblebee in this movie is my favorite Autobot, Bumblebee and the design is awesome

  • Ramon Silva

    bay are hoping the trailer that you said you’d put

  • Ramon Silva

    bay want jazz and rachet in trasformers 4 and sideswipe and Cliffjumper zeta prime ultra magnus bulkhead blurr prowl eos Decepticons Onslaught vortex unicron Galvatron and the Decepticons resuscitate dead sideways and the other

  • tu Dj Fraggaman

    rise of unicron

  • Chris

    Transformers: End of Cybertron

  • Dan

    My prediction:

    -decepticons dead bodies shot into space.

    -4 years later unicron finds them and resurrect them(means galvatron is born)

    -galvatron comes back to earth for revenge and loses

    -then for transformers 5 if they make a 5th one the auto bots bring all the dead auto bots and decepticons back to life and optimus prime and galvatron agree to work together to destroy unicron

  • Dale F Anderson

    Would love to see a Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime storyline, with it all happening in cybertron, with galvatron being the main villain

  • Dale F Anderson

    We need Hot Rod

  • Dale F Anderson

    Hot Rod

  • Dale F Anderson

    hot rod

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