Bumblebee as a highly modified, vintage 1967 Camaro SS. High resolution photo: http://bayhem.com/18xFSLv


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  • calab

    nyc pic

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  • Deon Cone

    I can feel the new bumblebee and he look good.

  • disqus_zXU3Y5Ko2X

    I wish Mr. Bay would have stayed with the Bumblebee Camaro he used in the first three, just changed the color scheme.

    • Rigers Zalli

      why not to use the concept camaro that he has

  • craig bladon


  • Germán Acevedo

    Gran modelo de bumblebee, como en las nuevas animaciones de Transformers.

    • oopoocopter

      jioj ewrverv 5r tr1rr

      • Rigers Zalli

        Is your keyboard broken or what?????

  • Rui


    • tardis

      ? English dude… English.

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  • JerseyGirl86

    Not liking this at all. Bumblebee is my favorite autobot, and the precedent was set in the first 2 1/2 movies using the current Camaro body style for him; it’s part of his persona. Change the car and you change who Bumblebee is. DISLIKE!!!

    • Jimbo

      Jersey Girl this is proof that girls dont know shit about cars. Its s 67 “CAMARO” ss. hence the camaro part. but would be cooler if it would be a 69 z28

      • JerseyGirl86

        Jimbo, did I spell CAMARO wrong or something? Wasn’t Bumblebee, in fact, two different CAMAROS in the 1st movie and then the 5th gen CAMARO in the subsequent 2 movies?? That is what my comment was about…the CAMARO in the movies! And btw, I own a 5th gen, and have previously owned two 4th gens and one 3rd gen. I know PLENTY about them. And yes, a 69 Z28 *would* be cooler that the one pictured above.

  • VillageVidiot

    Why not hit GM up for the 6th Gen Camaro concept? Don’t go backwards… you’ve already got us hooked on your version of Bumblebee…. There were CHEERS in the theater when Bumblebee turned into a 5th gen Camaro during TF1… I predict a theater full of “Noooooooooooooooo……”

    • tardis

      You are full of Nooooooooooooooooooooooo….

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  • Tommy

    Ppl stop whining this is the best Camaro ever!

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  • oscarFT

    no me gusta este no parece bumblebee

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  • Patrick Emond

    Are you people kidding me?? It’s a 67 SS! You can’t get any cooler than that. Quit crying about it. And I own a 5th gen Camaro!

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  • Dexter VanDeventer

    I think this is awesome. More of a fan of classic muscle than modern muscle. It is nice to mix things up a bit.

  • Michael Alex Kawa

    The classics are always better ,I love it . To all the complainers ,just give it a chance . I know you all wasted your money on buying all the look a likes BB’s I have been seeing everywhere ,and now you feel like your car is irrelevant now ,but don’t down an awesome automobile . I do feel bad for Mr.Bay ,he may get a lot of flak for this decision,I was just talking to someone who’s son love BB and said when he grows up he is going to buy a Camaro , so he may get disappointed by this decision . Again ,as for me I love it , I love the classics and look forward to seeing him on the big screen . Awesome photo .

  • Reagan Douglas

    Bad Ass! Like the retro (but modern) “new” look! haha

  • Ron P.

    If this was any other new Autobot then it would be pretty awsome but this is Bee’s new look..two thumbs down.

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  • Dylan

    if your going old school u need a new beetle or old beetle

  • Dylan


    • Guest

      YOU ARE A GEEWUN!!!!

    • tardis

      He will always be a Camaro. No beetles for me.

  • Dylan

    And also AD CLIFFJUMPER i mean god u need cliffjumper he could be the old time camaro just repaint the yellow to red

    • tardis

      You need grammar school.

      • Brooke


  • auto restoration shop

    Looks really sleek. 67 SS doesn’t get much cooler!

  • disqus_X1AWyaIfzw

    I think, it’s a trick. We see Camarro 76 SS, but later Bumblebee transforms in…))) I also wanted to see Alfa Romeo 8C Collezione (maybe as Mirage), but Bugatti and c& are also great!!

  • Christian

    You all need to stop bitching. Yea he wasn’t a camaro in g1 but I’m pretty sure iron hide wasn’t a GMC Topkick either.

  • Sam Newlands

    im in looove

  • disqus_lKLnfihryX

    Are you fucking kidding me?!?! New enemys, New Designs, New actors….
    Why do you make Transformers so Bad?!

    • Shayy Kelly

      Transformers will never be bad. This is a classic American Muscle car. 1967 was a GREAT year for cars. And just saying… Shia Leabeouf wasn’t in the comics… There was no “Sam”. BECOME A REAL FAN DUDE. c;

    • Rigers Zalli

      the movie is SUPER AWESOME but this car is just SHIT.i love bumblebee but this car doesn`t fit him

  • Nang Mung

    no N O i say hell no

  • Nemes

    Michael Bay should give props to the original design and creator from where bumblebee came from…”Mr. Vengeance”…a Pro touring Camaro, whose owner spent his entire time and money to create something unique and one off, just to have it copied and renamed without even asking permission or even letting the original creator have a say in the matter……Don’t get me wrong I am a big Transformers fan, but after reading about this and looking at bumblebee’s flawed construction compared to the original, I can’t help feeling that this bumblebee sucks…..Michael Bay should of went in another direction for bumblebee and should also take into consideration the owner of “Mr. Vengeance”. If Bumblebee rolls out in the movie, it would be the last time “Mr vengeance” would be called “Vengeance” and also the main reasons that the original owner built his Camaro. That is just wrong.

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  • Dallas Parish


    • tardis

      HEY!!!! It is still a Camaro, no matter how much you hate it. This is a vintage car, and I will buy one and restore it to this setting and shove it in your face.

    • Rigers Zalli

      I don`t now why they wan`t to use this PIECE of SHIT when they have a SUPER AWESOME 2014 CONCEPT CAMARO

  • Denner Ramos RV

    This is terrible that big mistake, to be the best with this look happened to be the worst, which is now, that their participation is the same as that of the second movie Jolt

  • Daniel

    This is actually a pretty nice as but I don’t like the fender flairs

  • Vayderr

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks super badass?!

    • tardis

      You, are not alone.

    • Rigers Zalli

      actually it looks super FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT

  • Leandro Jorge

    NOOOO! WHY?! GOD, WHY?! :c

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  • Nodinjason

    I guest story telling goes out the window when everyone comments. If I read correctly this movie will recognize the last 3 movies, but take place a few years after. Where the Autobots have gone into hiding. So, if you had to go into hiding would you not change your look? Going old school for Bumble Bee and Optimus getting another new look is them hiding from the human race. This is my speculation on the movie. Love the car, cannot wait for the movie, and have high expectations for Wahlberg.

  • sergio

    Mola, Michael Bay es el mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • eternaloptimist1971

    What the hell is the problem with having Bumblebee as he was originally? A VW Beetle.

    • Jimbo


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  • Alexander Arne

    bee’s looking good but i say the front to be lower

  • Jomy Joseph

    This design may fit with the Script…

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  • Zach Taffurelli

    That is so dang ugly, im sorry.

  • Zach Taffurelli

    smh bay. smh

  • WHO

    I WANT!!!!

  • Conspiranoid

    Not gonna complain about the car choice. Sadly, I feel I gotta complain about the modding they did. Not sure if they chose an already existing modding for it, or they got an original, and applied a mod specifically for the movie, but I don’t think it makes the car any favors. Bumblebee as a 67 SS, awesome. Bumblebee as a MODDED 67 SS, depends on the mod – and this one is meh.

  • Steve B


    • tardis

      You are a very bad you raggedy old junk. Don’t dis the car.

    • Jimbo


    • Rigers Zalli

      TOTALLY AGREE this car looks like a fucking piece of shit.I hope it blows up and to NEVER RETURN!!!!!!!

  • .Undead – N PODE SE

    J U S T
    F * K I N G
    L O V E D
    T H I S
    S H E E T
    thank you michael, brazil loves u dewd

    • tardis

      You spelt F*CKING wrong…..

      • xSGTxD n Tx709x

        It’s Spelled idiot, who are you trying to correct with your shitty grammar?

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  • Nick Ferrazza

    Not bad, but I prefer the original. Still, hard to judge without robot mode since I’m not much of a car person myself.

  • Shayy Kelly

    67 is my favorite year (;

  • tardis

    I want this car….. Are you selling this, Bay?

  • Ayxan

    We want 2013 Camaro Zl1 :((

  • Frederick Bailey

    I love the as BumbleBee what a great decision. The back drop, the rock formations, even the “Hound” Character all look to me like Bay is encompassing all parts, from all the Series including Transformers Prime. But mainly the later Generations. And also other Key areas of the other transformers generations from G1 to again Prime. I want to say if I am correct, this will be a movie the fans are going to love. Even Hound looks a lot like the Military Concept that Prime scanned when he needed a new mode. If you haven’t; watch a few of the episodes. I am a transformer’s fan from the start of G1 and would love to see Wheeljack. I did like the movies, ROTF my least favorite. I know some of you will disagree and say WTF but I think even the Light Green Stingray may be Ratchet just a thought but I think some of these shots include both Autobots and Decepticons. I also thing there may be triple changes, and the Alternators. I would really love to see Unicon and Gavatron and of course the Dinobots. Bay Please Bring Ultra Magnus To The big Screen (him and Ironhide) are my favorites. It is the least Bay can do for wrongfully killing off Ironhide. Many people can say what they want the robots to look like but with all due respect to you, The Robots in all the movies have not been disappointing at all to me with the exception of the flames on Optimus Prime, I personally just don’t like it.

  • Brooke

    The new Bumblebee looks Amazon My brother and me love Bumblee

  • kamrr4437

    I love antique and classic muscle cars. And a 67 camaro is great its iconic i personally think the 69 camaro is the best year but 67 was the first so. if they were going to do bumbebee i think this car would have looked better painted the same yellow with black stripes with a really pristine paint job. This just doesnt really have pizazz. I personally would like to see him turn into the newer ZL1 camaro or the new Z28 camaro painted yellow and black not all black with a tinge of yellow like this. Dont get me wrong i like the old camaro. But i dont think this is the one they should of used

  • kamrr4437

    i dont like the fender flares either. i realize they did it to get some more beefier tires under the car. Especially in the rear but i think cutting and shortening the axle like they do with drag cars and bringing the tires more into the body that existed then pushing them out would have looked tougher. This to me just looks like well kind of a half ass job. I do like how they have the hide away headlights on this model. I just dont see this as being Bumblebee the entire movie. Only time will tell. Maybe they will use and abuse this car with some hellacious driving in all the debris and gravel and dirt. Maybe they didnt want to do that to a really pristine camaro and that maybe why we have this particular car for this desert scenery. Time will tell. Still i love transformers and i hope to see bumblebee go in a more advanced direction. It looks like he took a step back going to this particular camaro.

  • Atul Chavan

    new look of camaro i luv this

  • Atul Chavan

    please shoot one scene in india and steven spielberg is not in tf 4th movie

  • Cristian Sanchez

    you cant get any better than the origanal!

  • Jorge

    Dafuq! Cool (Y) <3

  • aaron

    it fuking suks

  • Allan Seal

    cant wait to see robot form!!! going to look epic!

  • BigZ Prime

    Very cool, a black bumblebee… something new ;)

  • xSGTxD n Tx709x

    Whaaaaaat the F*CK was GM thinking when they made that piece of shit 2016 concept camaro, ITS AN INSULT to american muscle!!! Its looks like a F*CKING HONDA prelude mixed with a samurai front. WTF its FUGLY!!! This is why Pontiac disappeared because of your piece of sh*t designers, i’m sticking with Ford or dodge, GM is going to disappear pretty quick if they keep making this sh*t.

  • salah

    i like the car but the color isn’t so good micheal i am the youtuber name as nihtmythshunter so i will continue the car is sexy a classic 1967 camaro rs ss
    but the color is boring because it’s black bumblebee have to be yellow and the 1967 camaro have that yellow color in front so it makes it boring

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  • Angel Tigress

    This doesnt suit bumblebee at all you should have stayed with the 2007 chevrolet camaro SS as this model doesnt suit bumblebee

  • Rigers Zalli