Transformers 4: Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse

A classy 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse worth more than $2.4 million. High-resolution photo:

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  • Michael Alex Kawa

    Awesome car .I wonder what or who it will be . Great photo by the way .

  • Harish Mn

    i wonder how will they transform this beast!!!!cant wait

    • gabriel

      me niether!

  • Kami_sama_no_Otaku

    Very nice looking car. As one of Bay’s detractors (who skipped the second and third films), I still have to admit that this car and its possibilities have me intrigued. I mean, I am posting this comment on this site, after all. Hope that doesn’t sound like I am trying to pick a fight (I consider this a positive development).

    Of all the suggestions I’ve heard for whom this might be, Blurr strikes me as the best; not just due to fitting the car’s aesthetic, but the motormouth Autobot is actually the kind of character I believe would fit in well with the “Bayverse” setting.

    • Akio Nakashima

      yeah it should be blurr but it reminds me of cybertron crosswise

      • Kami_sama_no_Otaku

        Another good pick; Cybertron Crosswise being imported into the Bayverse would likely be most useful, given the style of “pretenders” we’ve already seen as well as the often monstrous Decepticons.

      • Moore127

        I thought exactly the same thing. Right down to the basic colour scheme, it looks a lot like Crosswise. Only thing missing: a spoiler on the back with static blue flames sticking out of it. And missile launchers. Everything’s better with missile launchers.

  • Nang Mung

    it should be blurr

  • Angel Salazar

    Please Please please…. DONT EXPLODE IT

  • Denner Ramos RV

    I would love this autobot out Hot Shot, Blurr or Smokescreen

  • HackFormers

    So will these new cars/TF’s actually be characters with personality or will they just have one line each like the last 3 movies. Seriously Bay, what difference does it make what the “Autobots” look like. It’s not like they’re going to be characters anyone cares about. They’re as lifeless as these pictures. Go make Battleship 2 (Yes, I know he didn’t direct it) or another car commercial. Because that’s all you’re good at.

    • Jettison

      Hey Shut up!
      You’re no good Either..
      You don’t have anything..
      Without Bay there would be no transformers!

    • Nolan

      How about you shut up now. He’s done a good job on these movies. I like to see you make a movie like he did.

      • Camilo Campos Vilugron

        The transformers have zero development in the Bay movies, and they are secondary characters within the film itself which they are protagonists ._.

  • oris andrade

    Hey Michael bay , since you can buy pretty much anything . Why don’t you buy a hennessey venom gt for the movie too … And make it like a big partner with the Bugatti or something … It has to be an autobot even though it looks so Agressive it should be a decepticon … But since its my favorite car , people should thank you for adding it , it’s the fastest car in the world ,, and in the movie you could probably test it at full speed and make a world record … Just saying …

    • Isaac Evans

      Bugatti Veyron Supersport is the fastest car in the world bro.

      • oris andrade

        Hey bro , go do your research , the venom did 265.7 mph and was still increasing speed in 2 miles while the veyron could barely hit 258 mph in 4 miles

        • Freddie Clayton

          Actually the Veyron did 268 mph on Top Gear BBC.

          • oris andrade

            Hey bro , the Bugatti wasnt even a production car , while the venom is … So the SS doesn’t count

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  • Zack H


  • Jayson Soberon

    will look nice if you guys change the magwheels with zero offset :) like bumblebee’s

  • VIP3R

    I wonder if There ever Gonna Bring In Unicron or MetroPLex From The TransFormers Series

  • baylen

    whats this autobots name

    • tardis

      Smokescreen or Blurr.

  • disqus_Eck1GZqqjJ


  • Steven Sheriff

    um, guys,,, Bay is not directing TF4 Is JJ Abrams who did the killer F’n awsome Star Trek: into darkness so there are no worries about Bay screwing up another TF movie. I’m sure this one is in good hands

    • Isaac Evans

      …….what are you talking about??????? Michael Bay is directing Transformers 4, your on his website (Facepalm)

    • tardis


  • WHO


    • tardis

      Well I like him too so CALM YOUR QUILLS, ANGRY HEDGEHOG MAN!

  • Alexander

    Smokescreen. I bet it’s him))

    • Allan Seal

      smokescreen was slow. way to slow for this car!

      • Alex Petrosyan

        You know, after Transformers; Prime, Smokescreen is not reviewed as slow car. In 1984 he was slow but not today. They say that it’s Drift – ex-decepticon returning to Autobots with samurai blades. May be, may be not, we shall see))

        • Summer Miller

          Oh my gosh I certainly hope so! but they might have to repaint him.

          • Alex Petrosyan

            I don’t think they put #38 on his doors. I’ve got a toy of Smokescreen – Pontiac GXP Jazz blue/red repainted. That suits well to the robot like Smockey. Now I think that it will be another robot. How about Wheeljack?)))

  • Eli Slade

    A few things… Why not bring back the dinobots, what ever happened to Dino from the third movie… And this shoul be blur or smokescreen

  • Allan Seal

    fastest production car. has to be blur. if not then it is waaaaaayy to much for any other transformer

  • Abz

    I am so f****** excited, can’t wait!!!

  • fabricio


  • matt


  • Summer Miller

    I’ve heard that my all time FAVORITE Decepticon gone Autobot DRIFT is going to make an apperance as this car, though why, I’m not sure because drift is red and white but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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  • Nuclearxpotato

    Blurr or Wildrider

  • tharealOrionPax

    very Awesome car this iz!!! I agree with the posters who said blurr or wheeljack. Accept that que/wheeljack was assassinated in TF3:DOTM. It kan still B blurr, though.
    So where’s the other g1, g2, TF:the Movie, g3 characters at?!

  • kamil bit

    what about jolt

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  • Scott Allan McCullough

    There are several sources reporting this to be Drift. There have been a few filming shots released with Wahlberg holding a gigantic (well, gigantic to him) weird sword… so Drift would be a really good character fit. As for the colour scheme, we all know by now Bay doesn’t give a $#!T about G1 or other Transformer-related history, or what the fans want for that matter, so Drift doesn’t need to be white & red. Just like Hound doesn’t need to be a Jeep, just like Ironhide could (and should) be confused with Trailbreaker, just like Wheeljack can be bluw and have a head like Albert frickin’ Einstein. Drift is now black & blue I guess.

    And if the rumours of the white cabover truck being a “certain someone” are true, I’ll literally vomit. Bay really likes to wipe his @$$ with some of our childhoods.

  • John Razel Cabungcal

    this better be Blurr!

  • ray

    whats this wheeljack from the dead?

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