‘Transformers 2’ Scheduled For Summer 2009

Posted on Sep 22, 2007

Nelson here….

According to the LATimes, Transformers 2 is scheduled for the summer of 2009.

…He and director Michael Bay have signed on to make “Transformers 2,” scheduled to hit theaters in the summer of 2009.

Stay tuned for more details.

Transformers in IMAX!

Posted on Sep 21, 2007

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The NYTimes Interviews Michael Bay In 1996

Posted on Sep 20, 2007

Nelson here….

Now that the New York Times has opened their vault without charging, I found this little gem of an interview of Michael around the premeire of The Rock. It’s an interesting piece. One of the quotes:

“Optimism is what being a photographer is about,” he said. “You look through the lens at the ugliness in this world, and there’s always some beauty to find.”

Read the entire article here.


Posted on Sep 18, 2007

I saw the IMAX print and it is awesome! It is the future of cinema to see movies in this format. I’m going to see Tranformers one last time and get ready to gear up for Transformers 2. I added two minutes of stuff for IMAX that will never make into any DVD’s. There will never be an extended edition.

About the DVD. I like the two disc set. I has all the extras that the others don’t have. It is the definitive edition of Transformers. It really breaks down how we made the movie.

Anyway hope you like the IMAX print!


Transformers IMAX Release To Include Additional Footage

Posted on Sep 5, 2007

Nelson here…

I contacted Michael to verify if the IMAX release of Transformers will include additional footage not seen in the first theatrical release, and he has confirmed that there will be about 2 extra minutes.