Rolling Stone article

Posted on May 31, 2001

Want to read a good article on Michael Bay. Want to know what he did with his bar-mitzvah money? Or the only two traumas stick out in his mind? Or at what age he lost his virginity? Click below to read the article featured in

Pearl Harbor opening weekend

Posted on May 29, 2001

According to ShowbizData, Pearl Harbor raked in $75 Million in it’s 4-day opening. That’s the highest opening for a Michael Bay Film.

Bay in Europe

Posted on May 28, 2001

Michael will be in Europe this week. He will be attending press conferences and promoting “Pearl Harbor.”

So Bay fans in Europe, don’t blink. Anyone sees anything (pictures or articles) or records something on TV, email me at

Pearl Harbor

Posted on May 26, 2001

A Michael Bay film.

Those words have a entire new meaning. Click below to see what I thought of Pearl Harbor.

My Thoughts on ‘Pearl Harbor.’

Memorial Day

Posted on May 25, 2001

“As we hit the lakes, rivers and backyard spas this weekend, don’t forget to remember those, their families, who fought and died to give us the freedom we enjoy.

Take a minute to drop a line to a friend, family member, or acquaintance who has chosen to defend our nation at home and abroad. Pick up a tab, send over a round of drinks, or just go a few steps out of your way to shake the hand of a serviceman in uniform. It will make your weekend more enjoyable.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.”

-Troy W. Vincent

It’s finally here. I’ve been waiting for this film since the summer of 1999. Pearl Harbor opens today nationwide.

I will post my initial reaction tonight. I will post a small review tomorrow.