Corpus Chrisit filming

Posted on Jul 30, 2000

Wanna read a good article about the filming going on in Corpus Christi? Click here.

Pearl Harbor crew arrives in Corpus Christi

Posted on Jul 26, 2000

“Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck, along with director Michael Bay, actor Josh Hartnett and the rest of the “Pearl Harbor” crew, are expected to arrive tonight and begin filming Thursday aboard the Lexington Museum on the Bay…” reads the Corpus Christi Caller. Click here to read the entire article.

'Pearl Harbor' crews begin transformation of Lex

Posted on Jul 24, 2000

“Director Michael Bay and his filming crew will come in from the Houston area, where they will film aboard the Battleship Texas, one of the few World War I vintage ships still left pretty much in tact…”

To read the complete article found in the Corpus Christi Caller, click here.

"Oh man, those planes were roaring…"

Posted on Jul 15, 2000

“Oh man, those planes were roaring,” said Rosalie Cook, a Westpark resident. “I asked myself, ‘Is there a war going on?'” These were the words from a resident who saw some of the filming for Pearl Harbor. Click here to read the article.

A Flash of Bay

Posted on Jul 10, 2000

You have to see this!! It is hilarious!!! I got this flash clip from The clips is a cartoon spoof of the making of “Pearl Harbor.” Michael Bay gets interviewed (NOTE: this is a spoof). You must have Flash installed to view this clip.

Click here to view it (700k).